The Bare Necessities

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Ahhh, summer…

A time for vacation…

I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to packing, and I’m always careful to travel with only the bare necessities.  Since Mr. Fever and I are heading out tomorrow for an ‘unplugged’ excursion in the mountains (camping is NOT my thing; we’re leasing a luxury cabin ~ complete with hot tub ~ for a little ‘us’ time ;)), I thought I’d share my ‘travel essentials’ checklist with you.

As of this moment, my (vintage) Towncroft baby blue train case (I’m most definitely a retro girl…  Bettie Page anyone?) currently contains:

  • One Icicle (a girl should never be without her glass cock)
  • Mighty Tidy (a girl should never be without her toy cleaner)
  • One (brand new, 9.2 oz) bottle of I.D. (a girl should never be without lube)
  • One bottle of (shea & cocoa butter) baby oil (moisturizer and massage oil in one!)
  • Four silk scarves (a lovely dual purpose item – not only do they look cute in my hair, but they’re lovely for tying up…erm…loose ends :))
  • One dozen condoms (just…because)

I may have never been a girl scout, but I’m always prepared.  😉

What’s that you say?  My list doesn’t take into account the fact that we might encounter a cougar in the woods?

Well, considering that I could be a cougar myself if I chose to take up with men (*snort*) half my age…

Cougars shouldn’t be a problem.

Perhaps, however, the cubs should ‘be prepared’ for me.



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