Have you ever noticed…

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…that the syllables “hungry” and “fuck me” sound remarkably similar when mumbled into a pillow (particularly if the pillow mumblage takes place while spooning with your significant other) upon waking in the morning…?

Apparently, “I want food” can be interpreted as “I’m in the mood.”

They say communication is the key to success in any relationship. I submit to you (heh) that *they* may be seriously underestimating the power of morning sex. 😉

Orgasms (served daily): An integral part of your nutritional breakfast.

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  1. thedomnextdoor

    Any woman who does not realize that the guy next to her is A) well rested B) approaching a naturally occurring testosterone spike (its fact) and C) has a erection already to go as a result of their bladder performing shiatsu on their prostate for 8 hours …..well….


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