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Mathematics is astounding, particularly where relationships are concerned.  The idea that one plus one equals perfection must somehow mesh with the idea that in terms of time, eleven plus two equals one.  (You either get it or you don’t.  If you don’t, go stare at a clock and come back once you’ve figured it out.)  And sometimes it’s the right one at the right time that makes the biggest impact on our lives.  A heartbeat is a lifetime.

I recently posted a short, tongue-in-cheek, transcribed diatribe about soul mates (http://mrsfever.com/2012/07/02/soul-mates/) and after spending part of my evening de-constructing another blog (from which said transcription originated), I ran across something of my own I thought worth sharing.  I had written a post about a past relationship (the content of which is not relevant at this time) that spurred several comments, and this was written in reply to one of them:

Sometimes people fit together like interlocking puzzle pieces. Other times, we are like cogs on the wheel of a clock. Two people sometimes only fit together for a moment. One moment in time. Locked together briefly while moving in different directions.


Then we blink. And when the lids of our eyes flutter open, that moment has passed us by.


Tick-Tock, tick…tock…

This Deep Thought has been brought to you by Mrs. Fever.

We now resume our regularly scheduled programming…

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