Pussies Rule!

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I recently read a post by Kyle Mew (http://wp.me/10kIt), who has been adopted by a cat (Did that link even work?  I’m soooo not technically savvy…), so it was with him in mind that I decided to share…erm…pussy pics…  😉

As I will be talking about my feline family members from time to time (there’s more to my life than just sex, ya know), I thought my readers (hello, readers!) might like to meet the mini’s.  🙂

First up:  Mistress Twiggy Isabella (aka Bella, Beli, Beli Button *snicker*, The Button, just plain Button, and Stop Hissing At Me I’m About To Feed You Dammit!)

She’s a strong little tiger, and while she does like to cuddle (primarily with Daddy; something we have in common), she also likes to fight.  In Princess Bride speak:  She IS the brute squad!

Don’t believe me?  Just ask her (adopted) brother Wallace (aka…erm…Wallace):

They sometimes fight over possession of the chenille throw.

Well…’fight’ might be the wrong word to use.  It’s more like she attacks him (That’s MINE, you short-haired twerp!) until he moves his lazy ass (Get your lazy ass UP!  It’s MINE!) off the pretty red cushy, LOL.

Beli wins.  Wallace loses.




(I could go into relationship metaphors here…  But I won’t.  :P)

But they soon kiss and make up, then find a new place to cuddle.

So now, after the weekend I suffered through with Psycho McPup, I’m ready to take a cue from these two…

…and snooze.

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