The Bitch Is In Residence

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SHE came out to play with us today,
With he and me
She is a cock fiend of the first degree,
And this morning he filled our pussy momentarily,
Then left us



But She will make him pay for that transgression
When he comes home today,
Looking to be satisfied,
And finds his own orgasm…



While we,
She and me,
Take our fill of him

Watch out Mister, here we cum again
And again
And again and again,

But what about him?

What ABOUT him?
(Evil grin)

She’s here to stay awhile, this Bitch of mine
She wants to play
(Rough, by the way)
And let’s just say…

It’s going to be one hell of a day.

0 thoughts on “The Bitch Is In Residence

    1. mrsfever Post author

      Indeed. The Bitch is a Beast with claws and teeth…

      And she’s more than happy to use them.

      Also, she looks great in four inch heels. 😉

      1. thedomnextdoor

        I tend to think of Hyde as just a set of eyes within an entity that really has no form. He just is.

        I am convinced that someday he & I will meet in the mirror. To be blunt not particularly looking forward to it.

        1. mrsfever Post author

          I’d venture to guess that if Leigh can see both of you clearly, the mirror can as well. You will, indeed, see Hyde reflecting back at you one day. And the form he’ll take – as well as the eyes he’ll see through – belongs to YOU.

          So as to this reckoning: What is it, exactly, that you fear?


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