Apparently, I'm Awesome

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And lovely.

And beautiful.

And stuff.

‘Cuz The Dom Next Door and The Deviant Wench said so.

So, um…


That’s about it, I guess.  Oh!  Except for the pictures.  One of which is just…


Look at it:       That’s what it is.

I’ll not trouble you with the other.  You can check them out yourself if you click the links above.  Or, if you’re a dog lover and are in the mood to snort coffee out your nose, you could just click here instead:  The Dog Next Door.  Because that is, by far, the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

Confused yet?

Believe me, so am I.

Apparently there are these ‘awards’ that go around blogland (Where prizes are concerned, I think I’d prefer a Feeldoe, thankyouverymuch), and since I’ve been recognized a few times now by people I like, I figured I should just accept these bizarre accolades and be done with it.  But (insert much-put-upon sigh here) there are caveats to acknowledging these nods to my greatness.  Amendment:  My Greatness.  Rules of acceptance, etc.  Except…  I normally don’t follow anyone’s rules but my own, so you’ll just have to excuse me if I do my own thing here.

Rule Number One:  Share 107 (or you pick the number) intensely personal things about yourself.  (I’ll pick the number.)  Oky doky, then…

1.  I have a vagina.

Rule Number Two:  Send your readers (all five of them) to go bother 107 (or you pick the number) other bloggers.  This one I can do!  (I’ll pick the number.)

1.  Ian Spagnolo Photography:  Pretty Pictures!  Click the link!  Go!  Look!  Be happy!

2.  Flashlight City Blues:  At the very least, read this poem.  You can ignore the ants.

3.  One Handed Writers:  Who says the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing?

Yes, there are only three.

But why, you are wondering, are there only three bloggers for us to bother, Feve?

Because my attention span is not all that wide and threesomes are awesome.

Awww…  Were you expecting a list that was 100% kink?

Hmph.  Too bad for you!  (I read plenty of it, but I’m a bit more multi-dimensional in my tastes than I typically let on.  Shhh…  Don’t tell anyone.)

Now I have to go warn these poor bastards about the pending pervert stampede.  (Is it still a stampede if there are only five of you?  Perhaps it’ll just be a pervy parade.)


Seriously, though.  Thank you Scot, Leigh, and Wenchie.  I appreciate that you think I’m cool.  The feeling is mutual.

And to those of you whose blogs I read regularly but did not mention above:  I think you’re cool too.

And that’s about all of this love-fest I can handle.



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  1. deviant wench

    “Now I have to go warn these poor bastards about the pending pervert stampede. (Is it still a stampede if there are only five of you? Perhaps it’ll just be a pervy parade.)”

    See? Not really hot, just funny as fuck. LOL

    Also, Wenchie? You are without a doubt the first person who has ever called me that. Himself got quite a kick out of it. ::giggle::