Fire And Ice

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Rasping breath,

the hollow sound ohgodohgod I wanna cum claws at my ears like nails on a chalkboard,

but there is no classroom here, just my cunt and your mouth

and my nails are buried in your skull as my fingers clench your hair,

pulling your flirting dancing tightrope-walking tongue closer to the precipice

before fuck you’re sucking on my clit the swirling rapids gather strength,

speeding toward the cliff,

the roaring in my ears growing louder oh, you’re gonna pay for keeping Me on edge

while I shake and shudder,

holding myself open to that

sweet fuck Me with your tongue, dammit sensation of

falling over the right there, right there edge of the world

embraced by a waterfall of liquid color gush and the lightning in your eyes flashes

as I rain down on your face,

but you know the storm has just begun because my command comes Kneel immediately after I do

and you know better than to

question me when I tell you I told you to fucking kneel my liquid pleasure just became ice

and you yes, you are about to be

set on fire hands behind your back but before I’m through

you’ll be begging me ask Me again to drench your cock ask Me again and maybe, just

maybe say please I’ll extinguish

your inferno no fucking way do you have permission to cum though it’s much more likely

I’ll fan your flames until your

rasping breaths

claw at your ears like nails on a chalkboard,

but there is no classroom here, just your cock and my mouth

and I’m gonna keep you on edge this is

you and me,

our push and pull,

our wet heat,

our fire and ice.

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