I Caught A Virus

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No, not an STD.  Perverts!

I fought a Trojan today.  Not the lubricated kind that come in little square packages and get used for adult recreational activities.  (I prefer LifeStyles anyway, thankyouverymuch.)  Nope.  I dealt with the kind of Trojan that attacks innocent PCs, pillaging programs and leaving mass destruction in its wake.  I fought that kind of Trojan.  The viral kind.

I fought long.  I fought hard.  (I don’t usually *fight* long and hard, if you know what I mean…usually I welcum it.)  I deployed an army of tech-savvy non-English speakers.  I launched a counter-attack.  I payed mercenary fees to McAfee.

And I won.

I won!  I won, I Won, I WON!

I.  Fucking.  Won.  (Insert happy dance here.)

But now I’m exhausted.  All this nonsensical, non-sexual Trojan activity has, quite simply, worn me out.

So in my mentally exhausted state, I’m calling up some beach zen.  Feel free to center yourself with me (no, not *in* me…didn’t you hear me say I was exhausted?); just look over my shoulder…

…and soak up the sun-streaked sky.

Ahhhh…  All better now.

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