Wanton Wednesday: Care To Dine?

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Finding new and creative uses for vinyl…  Chairs, that is!  😉

Hiding under that (vintage!) table cloth is a 1940s red formica-top table.  You can use your imagination to figure out what else is ‘hiding’ in this photo.

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0 thoughts on “Wanton Wednesday: Care To Dine?

  1. charlesthecharles

    My parents had a table and chairs like that in our old house back in the day. But nothing that good and delicious ever sat in them!

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Maybe not… But perhaps they *laid* in them. It’s entirely possible that you were conceived in a fit of formica fornication. You never know! 😉

      1. charlesthecharles

        Lol! Formica fornication. I feel another poem coming on eh? Maybe I “Charlesthechares” can be your inspiration for it!


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