My First Time

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Damn, I thought, adrenaline pumping through my veins.  I didn’t realize it would be like this.

His eyes were so black I could see my reflection.  “Open up for me,” he said.  It was not a request.

With no small amount of trepidation, I laid my head back and attempted to relax my facial muscles.  I focused my energy on my jaw line until, one by one, my willpower overcame my fear and ~ in direct contrast to the rigidity of the rest of my body ~ my jaw went slack.

“Good,” he praised.  A ghost of a smile crossed his lips.  Then he cocked one eyebrow and sternly added, “Now stay that way.”

Answering verbally would have gone against his orders, so I held silent.  Mouth and eyes open, breathing carefully through my nose, I waited for him to enter.

Focus, I thought.  Focus on your breathing.  In, out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” he said.

Focused on the steady flux of air entering and leaving my lungs, and unable to close my mouth, I could only blink in response.

And then…

He took over. My mouth was no longer my own.  It was but a wet canvas on which he practiced his art.  The time slipped away as he worked between my lips.





Time ceased to exist. There was only my mouth and his ministrations. Twenty minutes was an hour was a second was an eternity and then…

Just as quickly as he’d begun…

He was done.

A strange calm settled over me when he pulled away and, lips trembling, all I could say was “Thank you.”

I could see pride reflected in his eyes. “You’re welcome,” he replied.  “The receptionist will schedule your next appointment on your way out.”


I’ve had a perfect smile my entire life.  Until today.  I had my very first cavity  filled at the dentist’s office.  😉

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  1. furbal1972

    You are very lucky! 😀
    (I’d say that likely good genes played a part.)
    I’ve sat in that chair more times than I care to remember. 🙁 Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that anymore.. Although dentures come with their own set of problems.

  2. charlesthecharles

    Mrs. Fever! You tricked me. I have dirty mind. I’m so ashamed. I didn’t think you were writing about the dentist. I started rubbing myself, my cock started getting a little plump, then WHAM, you drop the last line on me and all the blood rushes out and leaves me limp dicked. The dentist? Awww. She exposed me for the pervert I am. Oh well, confession tonight. Forgive me father for I have sinned. I masturbated to a woman’s story about getting her cavity filled.

  3. Bill

    Remember Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors? Or Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man?

    I’ve had bad teeth my whole life. I grew up in a farmhouse outside of town, well water no fluoridation. I used to get a massive case of the heebie jeebies hearing the drill. I did learn and practice relaxation techniques. Every kid that has fillings knows exactly how important it is to make sure there is no foil stuck to a piece of gum. Being familiar with the physics of the situation, I explained it to a co-worker. The foil acts like one side of a battery, saliva acts as the battery acid, and the filling acts as the other terminal of the battery. Chew on foil, the battery shorts out and you have electricity flowing through the filling and into the nerve.

    A different co-worker heard my explanation and told the first guy I was full of shit. Then he chewed on some foil and learned that I knew what I was talking about.

    My mom had a most unpleasant experience at a dentists. She was in the chair and the Dr was getting ready to give her the shot. My oldest sister {who was about 5 then} snuck in and pushed on the chair release. The chair went down, the needle went deep into the roof of my moms mouth, and sis ran out of the room.


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I know not of battery acid, but what your sister did to your mother (unwittingly or not) can only be described as assault and battery. OUCH!

      I haven’t seen Little Shop of Horrors in ages! Rick Moranis was perfect in his role. The only things I remember about the dentist (Steve Martin) was that he was abusive (he gave Audrey a black eye) and he was addicted to laughing gas.

      I remember watching That Thing You Do and finding it amusing that Charlize Theron’s character fell in love with her dentist, who was, of course, a hulking handsome, buffed-out dude. Which is *snort* totally realistic. I mean, who DOESN’T have a dentist with 36 inch biceps?


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