Sometimes, just when I think…

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…I’ve got it all figured out, life throws me a question that cannot be answered with any manner of logic.

Today, waiting in line at the grocery store, I was faced with just such a dilemma:

Why, oh why, is the slowest cashier on the planet *always* the one who is checking in the EXPRESS lane?!?!

This question brought to you by the number 5 (which is how many items I bought) and the letters WTF. Also in honor of forehead thunks on brick walls and in memory of the expression “Doh!”

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I considered doing exactly that. There were only two lanes open though, and logic dictated that the express lane would be best. After all, standing in line behind two people who had less than 15 items each had to be quicker than standing in line between three people who had more than 50 items each. Right?




      Grrrrr! Logic bites me in the ass every time.

  1. Bill

    I remember listening to the radio on the way home from work, and they were talking about how a type A person could learn patience. They recommended going to the longest line in the store, always.

    Strangely enough when I do that that lane moves faster than the express lanes. I’ve seen the times when someone in the express lane has an item that won’t scan, so they have to get a CSM/Asst manager over to clear it and enter a code. Then they want to pay by check, and they have trouble writing. Then the check doesn’t clear so they start digging for cash. I paid for this old lady’s groceries just to get her out of the line. It was about ten bucks and I stood in line almost fifteen minutes behind her.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Well, Wild… The next time I want to fleece someone out of ten bucks, I’ll know just what to do… 😉

      I have serious issues with waiting in line. I dislike shopping in general (which, apparently, makes me an oddity amongst the fairer sex), and pretty much refuse to frequent any retail establishments from October through January because the lines (holiday shoppers ~ eek!) are atrocious. I’ve been known to put all my items down on the nearest available surface (I discarded hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise in this manner once) and walk away.

      Patience is a virtue. Shrug.

      I’m not all that virtuous. 😛


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