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Some women go their entire lives without ever experiencing one. Others have only the intermittent pleasure. A few will try several different options but never really get the gratification they seek.

And then there’s me.

It’s been years (hard to believe, I’m sure; but true, nonetheless) since I’ve had one. Seriously. YEARS.

Despite the creative nature of my bedroom (and living room/hallway/staircase/garage/yard) activities, I’d sort of forgotten about the myriad of erotic opportunities that were mine for the taking…

With just one touch of a button.

Or rather, several touches of two buttons. 😛

(Ha! You thought I was talking about something else, didn’t you? You should know better than to think I’d go a single day without an orgasm, let alone several years!)

Buttons that control multi speed and pulse options.

And no, when I say ‘pulse’ I’m not talking about the way my PC muscles twitch when you (well, not YOU, specifically) tickle my belly button.


An impromptu trip to a local…erm…Sex Shop…with the Mister on Sunday resulted in the spontaneous purchase of a high quality, low noise (read: practically silent, even on its strongest setting), beautifully curved, smooth, sexy silicone vibrator, aaaaannnd…

(Insert blissful shudder here.)






I finally understand why some women get addicted to these things.



More to cum. Good girls always share their toys…

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        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          It *is* interesting.

          As is the bugged-out-eyeball photo you’ve adopted. What is that, anyway? I suppose it’s a fish, but it’s reminiscent of a slightly demented Kermit The Frog.

          Then again, Kermie definitely has sub tendencies (two words: Miss Piggy…need I say more?), so perhaps this is your tribute to frogging around?

          Do elaborate.

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