Flipping His Switch

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For those of you who are regular readers, this was the prequel to Wet…


There’s hard.

And there’s Hard.

And then there’s HARD.

(When he’s HARD, he’s hard enough to pound nails.  I’m not much for woodworking though.  I just like it when he pounds ME.)


I felt him pulse and swell against my tongue and knew without a doubt that the triple-H was just a moment away.

So when the tip of his head was tickling the back of my throat, I took a deep breath…

Consciously relaxed the muscles in my neck…

And slowly scooted my lips ~ one millimeter at a time, grabbing and releasing like soft caterpillar kisses on a sunflower stalk ~ slooowwwwwly down the shaft of his cock until he was buried to the hilt.



And then, keeping him captive in my burning wet grip, I raised my eyes to catch his gaze (while I rubbed my tongue ~ velvet soft ~ against his glans)…

And winked.

I didn’t think it was possible for him to get harder, but he did.

Oh my God, he did.

He got HARD.

And that final swell of his head against my tonsils was all the warning I received before he was on his feet, pushing me to my knees, holding my head, fisting my hair, fucking my mouth…

***Correction:  fucking His mouth***

…and forcing me (and my throbbing, pulsing pussy) into submission.

“Get up,” was a snarled command (NOT a request), and as soon as I staggered to my feet I gave him my cheekiest catch-me-if-you-can look before racing down the hallway…

To the stairs…

Where three steps up He caught me around the hips, pushed my shoulders forward, and growled, “Ass up!” And no sooner did I submit than he was plunging that hard, Hard, HARD cock into my wantonly clenching, dripping, begging pussy.

Where he immediately.




The fuck.



OhMyGod, OhMyGod, OHMYGOD…

Unable to control my primal responses to His merciless pounding, my shivers were punctuated by moans, which were in turn reprimanded by His command to “Hush!”, followed by a punishing smack on my upturned ass cheeks.

Which, considering the fact that I love a good spanking (giving *and* receiving), just made me push back into His thrusts as hard as I could.


Which made him bottom out.


Which made me moan.


Which made him spank me.


Which made me push back harder.

Once… Twice… Third time’s the charm…

And that final push triggered a reaction unprecedented.  It was like flipping a switch.  Or, more accurately:  flipping HIS Switch.   As if hitting my cervix set off an explosive chemical reaction inside Him.

He.  Fucking.  Detonated.


(No, not like that…  Ladies cum first.  ;))

For the next hour (ohfuckyes) I was totally (yes), ruthlessly (yesyesyes), recklessly pounded into (pleaseohplease) orgasm after (pleasepleaseplease, canIcumpleaseplease) orgasm until I was so precariously balanced on the edge of (ohgodpleasedon’tstop) pleasure-pain that I thought I’d die if he fucked my quivering cunt again…

And I knew I’d die if he didn’t…

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      As to the former: Um, thank you…? For sharing…? Lol. I’ll consider your comment to be a positive critique of my writing abilities.

      As to the latter: I post plenty of photos here, nude and otherwise. But twat shots? Not bloody likely. And in case you’re wondering why that would be? Go back to my home page and read The Rules, Charlie. I. Am NOT. An OBJECT.

      1. Charlesthecharles

        Certainly not! Sorry Mrs Fever. I stepped over the line. I will contain my responses to “likes” as not to offend you. And my name is Charles

  1. lockedboy82

    Yanno… I’ve never seen snatch in real life, and normally, it doesn’t do anything for me, but holy fuck, woman. That was… ::fans self::

    Yeah. You made this locked up gay boy twitch. Congrats.

    (I need me some of that dickin’.)


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