Wanton Wednesday: Sated

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You’re getting veeeerrry sleeepppyyy…

Who needs a hypnotist?  😉

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thanks. I consider that a compliment. My husband’s eye was drawn to my lips in this photo as well. And the smile is kind of the whole point, so it’s definitely not wrong that you find my lips to be the most striking detail. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s very right.

  1. wildoats1962

    I’ve got a habit/fetish that some consider odd. When I date someone or at least get to be cyber friends with someone, I ask for a card with a kiss. I like to see the lipstick print on the card. I think it started when I was watching some crime show, and the detectives used a lip print as evidence in court. The little contour lines are unique to each person. But it also looked sexy. There was an episode of Law and Order SVU where Olivia is in a prison and a guard starts to rape her. She files charges and is able to positively identify him by his penis.

    If I get confused I’ll be chatting you up about the dashboard. In the meantime I might just stare at your pic. I didn’t realize your hair was that long and that dark. A little tease can go a long way. I remember watching a porno with Angel Kelly in it. She had on a real loose top with no bra. I remember craning my neck to get a better look down her shirt. It’s a porno she’ll be naked soon enough. That’s what I told myself anyway. Also curiously enough, there is a porn actress named Jill Kelly. But she wasn’t the one being Generally sexy. She gets three stars or four stars depending on which general it is.


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      You and your fetishes. Lol.

      My hair is long, yes. It’s naturally wavy though, which often makes it appear shorter than it actually is. Once upon a time, my hair fell to my waist. I’d like to grow it out like that again some day.

      It isn’t all that dark, really. But lighting has some strange effects, and it definitely looks darker in this picture than the auburn-brown it actually is. I was born with white-blonde hair that gradually changed to golden, strawberry, and ash blonde before getting darker. My mom gave me some photos from when I was growing up, and the two most striking things in every single one of them are my hair and my smile.

      There are red and gold tones in my hair, and my skin is fair but I get a healthy glow in the summer sun. The end result is that I can pretty much wear my hair whatever color I want now and it looks natural.

      And I have a hundred different kinds of smiles. But I’ve had those smiles my entire life. Joyful, puzzled, sleepy, goofy, playful, mischievous… I’ve had them all from the very beginning. My husband looked at some of my recently-acquired baby pictures and said, “This looks exactly like you!” (Well, of course it does.) Then he added, rather sternly, “You smile *exactly* like that when you think you’ve gotten away with something.”

      Who, me… ?



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