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John Mayer should stop making crappy breathy music and thinking that he’s God’s gift to celebrity women.  All that rasping into the microphone makes him sound like he’s choking on a chicken bone (though it’s entirely possible he’s actually chokin’ the chicken; leave it to an egotistical misogynistic artiste to masturbate in the middle of a studio session), and listening to a real-time regurgitation recording kinda puts me off my feed.  Then again, Taylor Swift puts me off my feed too.  It’s no wonder they dated.

But I digress.

As does Mr. Mayer.  Only he does it in song form and doesn’t bother to enunciate his thoughts.  Case in point:  Har-bray Whoa-faaa.  Which is, of course, supposed to be pronounced ‘Heartbreak Warfare’.  Whatever the hell that is.

As for being God’s gift to celebrity women?  John Mayer, meet Jonathan Schaech: 

Mr. Schaech is one gift from God I’d like to open.

Any questions?


In case you’re wondering from whence this diatribe originated…  This post was written in response to trailertrashdeluxe’s challenge (which was a fabulous excuse for me to post this Playgirl-worthy pose), because he’d rather be having dreams about flying around and having sex with co-workers than composing opening lines of poetry in his sleep.  I can relate.


0 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

          1. Mrs Fever Post author

            Okay, I want to watch that video ALL day, EVERY day! Haaa-ha-ha-ha-ha! That RULES.

            The only thing missing was Statler and Waldorf.

            Thanks for sharing. You put a HUGE smile on my face. 😀

  1. wildoats1962

    I should really learn how to embed things too! It sounds like fun, and it is truly amazing what you can find on youtube. I was an adult when I saw the Muppet Show, PeeWee, and Ernest, they’re entertaining when you’ve got a good buzz going. I worked third shift and would come home after work, have a couple of drinks and veg in front of the tv, this was before I had any kids.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Well, I know how to *embed* some things, Wild. But mostly those ‘things’ are attached to men. 😛

      I love the Muppets! 😀 Most of my relationships can be explained by drawing comparisons between my friends/enemies/lovers/co-workers/family members, etc. and Jim Henson’s characters.

      Charlie Brown’s crew, too.

      And, as a side note: I love the way Marci calls Peppermint Patty ‘Sir’. 😛


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