Year End, Rear End

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Year end…  Rear end of the year…

Same difference, really.


Define Naughty

Naughty or Nice:  Define Naughty

(I am now the proud owner of this sign.  ;))

Hmmm…  Let’s review:

Scared-Puppy.jpg IMG-20120502-00043 Daddy's Duvet

Petals over-the-shoulder Love and Limbs

 Fetish, Anyone? 


 shoe-fetish.jpg  Cleaning My Curves

 The V  Gratuitous Leg Shot  Dragon

 Shadows and Light  I Haven't A Thing To Wear

 Something's Afoot  Peekaboo

Darker Shade of White  Kiss My Patootie! Beach Sky

Nice, yes?

And then, of course, there was this…

Blue Satin

And this…


… And this

So, I guess I can be naughty on occasion.  But sometimes being naughty is nice.


Have a safe, sane, sexy new year.  Thanks to all my readers for being part of my 2012!

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  1. Bill

    It’s kind of strange the tricks the eyes play sometimes. On the closeup picture you just switched to, I never noticed the shadow until I saw the pic enlarged. I’m sure something else was enlarged too.

    The center pic in the second row has me confused. What am I looking at?