Wanton Wednesday: Smooch

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Yes, that’s the Mister.  And yes, he’s wearing clothes.   While I (as usual) am not.

Naked is the new black!  And skin is always in…


Happy Wanton Wednesday!

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      1. Mrs Fever Post author


        I do believe Mr. Williams is angling for an invitation. To ‘flash’ me. 😀

        I shall set the record straight, my dear Bibliognost.

        I did not take this photo; someone else did. Someone with a hot tub and a *very* adult toy box. Suffice it to say the Mister and I play well with others. And sometimes those ‘others’ are handy with a camera. When their hands aren’t otherwise occupied, that is. 😉

  1. wildoats1962

    I used to live quite close to a park with a campground. When they first started having deposits on cans and bottles I used to go there on Mondays to pick up a bit of gas money. One time I found a pile of Poloroid residue {type 88 and type 108 films had a backing that you peeled off after one minute, a negative image was left on the discarded part.} that showed a group of people having fun in the park. Ah the good ol’ days. Modern cameras don’t give you the interesting trash, but then electronic images are easily copied and proliferate the web. I should comment on the F-stop, but I’m rather distracted. I really, REALLY, like kissing and that looks like a great vantage point to watch from.


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Actually, I think modern cameras provide plenty of ‘interesting’ trash. 😛

      As for the kissing: Is there any vantage point that’s NOT great to watch from? Inquiring minds want to know… 😉


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