Don't even try to pretend this isn't funny.

Mc Dill Dough

I borrowed this from a foodie blogger.
You may thank her for your laughter-induced ab workout.

😀  😀  😀  HAPPY FRIDAY!  😀  😀  😀

0 thoughts on “Don't even try to pretend this isn't funny.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I’m afraid this is going to require a full legal contract negotiation. Please have your people see my people.

          Errr… Dave? DAVE?!? Why does that excite you so much?

          Oh. No, silly. I said ‘people’, not ‘peephole’.

      1. NormalDeviations

        Hmmmm. My senior corporate legal representative is, err, away on business until next week. I’ll see if I can get her to draft an initial statement of intent.


        ::perks up::

        Peephole you said?


        Oh. People. Sigh.

  1. williamsjoel22

    Hmm… Now that would truly be a “Happy Meal” if it were at “Wendy’s” … or maybe they could add it to the menu at the “In-and-out”…LOL!!! … and at the “Jack-in -the-Box?…I guess I better stop before I pee my pants from laughing too hard…LOL!!! 😀


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