Mrawr… And stuff.

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Feverish Fact #1

This sort of what I look like, after an orgasm…

…when my very wet pussy does a happy dance.

😀  😀  😀  Any questions?  😀  😀  😀

(Photo courtesy of, a la Google)

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        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Well of course THAT’s not ‘bleh’. THAT is some serious Siberian sis-boom-bah-ness.

          It’s the whole ‘Fek, it’s Monday and I’m another year older’ thing that’s ‘bleh’.

          And what are you doing up in the bleachers anyway? Shouldn’t you be playing the field?

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I know not of jellyfish, though I *do* have experience with starfish. 😉

      It takes quite a bit to wear me out. (And the Mister pipes in with, “She’s insatiable!”) I can count on one hand how many times I’ve experienced the leg-shaking, spaced-out, jellyfish-y, floaty Whaaa…? feeling after orgasming. And with one exception, multiples are always required to get me there. 😀

      1. vixenincognola

        Insatiable… That’s a great way to be.
        My guy constantly tells me that. I came out of a “bad sex” marriage and met him… He’s opened Pandora’s box and I can’t keep my hands, vagina or lips to myself when it comes to him!

  1. wildoats1962

    It’s called Petite morte. Some people don’t like French, others really enjoy it. I’ve heard that the longer you go without an orgasm the more intense it becomes. It’s definitely true for an encounter, delaying intensifies it. When I first joined the Army I went at least 4 months without sexual contact and without masturbating. That first orgasm felt like being a virgin. It was just as intense as the very first time I came. And history repeats because I was alone both times.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I like French. And Greek too. 😛

      I’m currently overdue for an orgasm. Since Smotchy is at work at the moment… I will be cumming alone.

      :: pout ::


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