Not Wanton, Just Wednesday

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Baby got back!


The Mister has a tendency to focus on my backside.
And that ‘focus’ includes focusing his camera when I’m walking in front of him. 😉

Happy Wanton Wednesday!

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  1. wildoats1962

    Back to basics, when things are clear the focal length is the distance to the focal point. How long is it? I remember a series of letters to a magazine where various guys debated the distance traveled during a fuck. Basically the length of the stroke times the number of strokes. Every guy has to dream up some statistic they can boast about.

    I renewed my drivers license today. I lost one pair and broke two pairs of glasses in the last couple of years. The glasses I was wearing for my eye test were Army issue from 1985. I still passed, Yea, I’m good for another 5 years. I still stare to focus depending on what I’m focusing on.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      So is your birthday coming up soon? That’s when we renew licenses around here. I should have had a new photo taken when I renewed this year, but I sort of forgot how bad my driver’s license image looks, and just renewed by mail. Woops!

      I have glasses, but I don’t need them to drive. They’re more like personalized, prescription reading glasses.

      1. wildoats1962

        My birthday was Feb 25. We get 60 days to renew. Bad picture, but they make you take off the glasses and they tell you not to smile. They won’t take it if you’re smiling. It’s due to facial recognition software.

        I take my glasses off to read. I leave them on to stare at a pretty behind.

      1. wildoats1962

        Sign Sign Everywhere a sign………
        Do this don’t do that, can’t you read the sign…..
        I’m tired enough I can’t think of the title or all the words, but it’s easily recognized. That is the first time I’ve seen the sign you had there. Some of my facebook friends will enjoy it, especially the farmers. One farmer I knew had sheep in the past, I don’t know if he still does or not. And they ALWAYS tease each other about the stereotypes.


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