It’s all fun and games til someone pokes themselves in the chin.

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After pouncing on my Smotch (who had previously been snarfling under the blankets) to wake him up, I meandered toward the master bath with every intention of jumping into the shower to clean my naughty bits.  (Not that I wouldn’t soap up other things as well…  It’s just that the naughty bits are the most fun to clean.  😛 )  But I got sidetracked with the de-furring process (I’m a Wookie, people; it’s ridiculous), which means I was standing naked in front of a mirror with a semi-sharp object (tweezers) while this scene unfolded:

Smotch:  (sleepily)  Duchess…?

Feve:  Umfph?

Smotch:  I don’t hear the water running…  What are you doing?

Feve:  Plucking.

Smotch:  (unburying himself from the covers, somewhat alarmed now)  It’s late!

Feve:  Mnef.

Smotch:  You don’t have time to be doing anything that has an ‘ing’ behind it!

Feve:  Would you rather I did something with an ‘ing’ in front of it?

Smotch:  Wha-aat…???  Ohhh…  You mean…  Like singing?

When I left for work today, I was sporting a gash on my chin.  Turns out convulsive laughter while holding a pair of tweezers can be dangerous for one’s face.

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      He tickled my funny bone, quite unintentionally, and at the *exact* wrong moment. Ack!

      Beauty is PAIN! Lol.

      And my spouse… He’s a pain too.

      A pain in the chin. 😛

      1. The Suburban Domme

        Ha! Ha!
        Would that make him a P.I.T.C. ?

        Ages ago………Monssieur Notasub decided to give me a “Gibb’s style love tap” to the back of the head…..not paying attention to the fact I had tweezers moving toward my chin.

        He almost passed out when I yelped and spun around to show him I had the tips imbedded in my chin.

        I was laughing toooooooooo hard at the look on his face…and then tooooooo busy trying to make sure he wasn’t going to fall down in the floor….to consider how bad it hurt…..once he got his bearings…THEN it started to hurt!!!
        Thus the “been here done this—– ohhhh baby do I get that OUUUUCHIE!!!!”

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Smotchy, the PIT-C…

          Might be confused with ‘pits’ of the underarm variety…

          My injury was not quite as severe as yours. But it was a definitely a boo-boo. He will be kissing it better (as well as kissing a few other things) when he gets home tonight. 😉

  1. wildoats1962

    There is a scene in the movie Bad Medicine that makes me cringe whenever I see it. The main character has stayed up all night cramming for an exam. Bleary-eyed he goes in the bathroom, picks up a disposable razor, squeezes toothpaste on it, puts it in his mouth, and his eyes pop wide open.