Better Late Than Never

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Nope, I’m not talking about that frightening moment when you tear through the convenience store like a hormonal lunatic on a chocolate fix, desperate to purchase any pregnancy test kit you can get your hands on.

But I *am* late.

Not ‘late’ as in OhmyGodIthinkI’mpregnant!!!! late.  (Though I was just chatting with Monkey about the fact that our blogs both seem to be on their periods.  *snort*)


As it turns out, I’m late for something else entirely.  Something much more fun than a midnight run for little white sticks than turn pink when you pee. 

Though what I’m late for *does* involve variations on the shade of pink…

In the form of pink nipples. 😀

Apparently, yesterday was Boob Day.  And I missed it.


Better late than never!  😀

Jane's breasts

Velma  Cyndy Bear

Feverish versions of Jane, Velma, and Cyndy are just a click away.
Just follow the links!

Happy Boob Day, my friends.  Even if it *is* a day late.  🙂

0 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

  1. williamsjoel22

    It’s always fascinated me why “Boobs” are such a turn on for a guy; After all, they’re just a couple flaps of skin. Flash ’em and I’ll break my neck to take a look. Don’t ask me why… One of nature’s great mysteries 🙂

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I don’t get it either. And I’m reminded of Grace Kelly’s line in To Catch A Thief when she’s on a picnic with Cary Grant. She offers him chicken and asks if he’d prefer a leg or a breast. He says “You choose,” and shrugs like it’s no big deal either way.

      EXACTLY. 😉

      1. kdaddy23

        Hell, I gave up trying to figure out why boobs were so fascinating a long time ago; I just accept that they are. Good to look at with all their symmetry, nice to touch, heavenly to taste. I do know it’s something programmed into our genes from when breast feeding was the only way to feed a child before baby bottles and formula were invented. The science is interesting… but I’d rather bury my face into them, if you know what I mean…

          1. kdaddy23

            You don’t have to be a guy to love nipples. The explanation is “simple” – you share the same fascination that guys have for them (and the breasts that go with them)! Nothing wrong about that because, ya mon, nipples are just so sensual to look at and to touch. the wow moment when you see a teased nipple get very erect (and feeling its owner shiver with delight), then to suck it into your mouth and letting your tongue play over it.

            Who wouldn’t be fascinated by that? If they aren’t, they should have their pulse checked…

          2. Mrs Fever Post author

            Well, as ‘erect’ body parts go… Nipples are not very exciting to me when compared to…erm…the other possibilities.

            But where all erect-ables are concerned: If it’s not hard *specifically* FOR ME?

            Meh. I could care less.

      2. williamsjoel22

        Hmm…Leg or breast… I think I would choose leg. Why? Legs are longer than breasts; all the more fun to play with. You can dress them up with stockings and high heels and at the other end, You’re in the “Fun Zone” 🙂

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Those videos were funny. I wonder about those guys’ poker faces. They seem to have perfected the art of giving nothing away. I don’t think I’d be able to act in a skit like that without bursting out laughing.

      1. wildoats1962

        every once in a while they post a blooper clip. Lou {the one with the beard} seems to break up easier. They posted a Batman parody where they’re looking up and some Batman shit hits Greg. It was cold that day and it took several takes to get the “Bat-shit” the right consistency. It’s Nutella and chocolate syrup BTW, and I can’t read or hear Bat-shit crazy without thinking of it.


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