Chasing Tail

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I purposely drag electronics from room to room without coiling their cords, because he’s hilarious when he pounces on prongs.

This particular pic demonstrates the “Wait… It stopped moving… Now what do I do?” pose.  😉

Some women have a “stable”…..

I, however, have a mad menagerie.

Meet my boy Wallace:

Who also, by the way, has a shoe fetish.  o_O

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  1. NormalDeviations

    Cats and their pouncing instinct. I once woke from a very sound, relaxing sleep when Evil Kitty decided to act like a certain part of my anatomy was a mouse.

    Hopefully – for Smotch’s sake – Wallace isn’t getting similar ideas…

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Erm… As, um…entertaining> as that sounds… Ahhh… Thanks? But no thanks… Lol. The cat and the Mister are sort of a package deal. And my lobes are off-limits. 😉

      But, can I still play with your laser pointer? It’d keep the dynamic duo (aka, The Package Deal) out of my hair (and away from my electronics!) for at least an hour, I’ll bet. 😀

      1. The Suburban Domme

        *smacks forehead*
        Entertain….. not entrain
        (good lord that must have been some kind of F.F.F.S……Frustrated FemDom Freudian slip…..trying to shoo him away……and yes he is easy to entrain also… fact putting him on a train does entertain him)

        Okay well……since you don’t want to trade…yes you are more than welcome to the laser pointer…just watch out when you run it up walls…cuz if your crew is like mine…somebody will head butt the wall.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Cue music: Leavin’ on a midnight train to Georgia…

          And yes, Wally has been known to run head-first into walls. He’s a bit dunder-headed, but we rescued him, so we’re keeping him. 😉

  2. writingthebody

    Your cat is cute….looks like a young one too…Wallace? Well, names are always fun. I like how they are oblivious to all these sorts of things, bdsm etc included….:)

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      He’s adorable. In a wobbly sort of way.

      He’s eight years old; his ‘sister’ (they were adopted at the same time, and we anthropomorphousize our pets around here) is nine. She either loves him half to death with her tongue baths or unsheaths her claws and chases him in a furor. There’s sort of no in-between. Which is… Pretty much how I deal with my own siblings. *snort*

      Wallace is the name he came with, and it fits him. His sister’s name, on the other hand… *rolling eyes*

      Not so much. 😛