I Want To Fuck You Like An Animal

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“Especially,” says Dave, “if you are a chocolate Easter bunny.”

(I might be paraphrasing.)

SO.  Everybody?  This is Dave:

  His take on the Frompt is below.

{And Dave?  This is what you get for leaving the title (and tags!) up to me.  😀 }

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Is it “seduction” or “S*E*D*U*C*T*I*O*N” per Feve’s email? I’ll go with it being the first, since I really have no idea how the second would different from the first (except all the caps and asterisks embedded, which don’t help… so… bah!).

Thanks, Feve. Nice topic. I’m not sure if you could have picked a more difficult topic for me.

Why? Because I have no mental definition of what “seduction” means. I’m really drawing a blank. I don’t know if I’d recognize seduction – on either end of it – if it beat me with a dildo.

I can’t honestly say I’ve ever been seduced. Just as equally, I can’t honestly say I’ve never been seduced. That’s how much of a blank it is in my grey matter.

Objectively, I get that the common definition of seducing is to entice someone to sex.

Sure, I’ve been coaxed to sex plenty of times. Is that seduction? I didn’t need much enticing, and I can’t think of any times that I was reluctant by the time the enticing started. That’s not how I work; I make pretty quick judgement calls and my internal barometer decides rather quickly if am interested in having sex with a woman. If the Dave-barometer says “no” I’m nigh oblivious to any enticement. So… really, that’d make it tough for me to actually be seduced? I think. (Damn fuzzy mental definition again – maybe I’m wrong. Or I’m nigh oblivious about my ability to be seduced.)

That fuzzy concept of seduction extends the other way too. I wouldn’t know how to proceed – I think. If that snap judgement is that I would be interested in having sex with a woman, I’m not likely to “seal the deal” ASAFP. When it happens (if it does), it happens. It might be pretty damn quickly, but it may be days/weeks/months. The immediacy is much less important than when the time feels right, mutually.

Fuck… I dunno, though. Is that seduction, if the intent is to develop a rapport where sex is amenable between both (all) of us? Isn’t that kind of the nature of any developing relationship – no matter if it ends up including sex, or not?

On the other hand, I think that maybe I have been part of a seduction. Or maybe I was seduced. Or both? Anyway, that story is here and here.

So was I seduced or the seducer? You tell me.

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  1. Mrs Fever Post author

    After I ‘Liked’ your post, I got a notification from WordPress saying, “You’re so vain. You probably think ‘I Want To Fuck You Like An Animal’ is about you.” Funny how that happens.


    THANK YOU for contributing to the BS, Dave. I appreciate it. 🙂

    As for your obliviousness…

    Your shades of grey matter have things neatly boxed into black and white.

    You seem to think that seduction must be plotted. {And, it would seem, that if one is ‘plotting’ (according to what you’ve written), that they are enticing you *against your will*, which is another tangent entirely.} That if things proceed romantically or sexually in a natural order, that it’s just ‘natural’, and therefore cannot be ‘seductive’. Are the two really so mutually exclusive for you?

    I submit (heh) to you that the most seductive and enticing exchanges…

    …are the ones that are natural.

    1. NormalDeviations

      See, that’s what I was trying to say – I’m not sure I have a good definition or even idea of what ‘seduction’ really is. My instinctive thought about it is where one party has a goal in mind, while the other party(s) may be receptive, but don’t necessarily actively work towards it.

      Okay, yeah, I realize that sounds really fuckin’ dry and analytical… which is the exact opposite of what ‘seduction’ means to me.

      Natural seduction? I’m trying to grok it and coming up kinda… at a loss? Give me a hand here, dammit. 😉

  2. The Suburban Domme

    Do nipples turn you into putty?

    One of the few things Monssieur Notasub and Eargasm guy can agree on…have both said in different words…….but they share the same thought process……and the thought process they share boils down to this:
    “Women have this weird advantage men will never have when it comes to being in charge of sex. We think we are in control……. then we see nipple……. then we are putty.”

    Looked to me like you went from seducer…to seduced. 😉
    The bikini top coming off….right there…the dynamic shifted.

    Just for my own bizarre nosy nature ( 🙂 )….which did you enjoy more?

    1. NormalDeviations

      Hmmm. Nipples turning me to putty? Many times, sure… but it takes other factors too. Not just nipples (or sex) in itself.

      But, other ways…. ooooh yeah, hit my right buttons and not only do I lose all rational thought, but I happily go with the moment (even if I shouldn’t).

      Which I enjoyed more? With everything that tempered things after that point… hell, I guess at that time, the attention (being seduced) was pretty cool. Being the ‘seducer’ – ehh, not so much? Mostly ’cause I didn’t know if it was a receptive situation or not.

      Summing all that up, I guess I’d rather be seduced? 😉

  3. NormalDeviations

    Reblogged this on Normal Deviations and commented:
    My part of Feve’s Frompt (what the fuck is a “Frompt” eh?) about seduction. She dragged it out of me – admittance that “seduction” is something I don’t really understand as a concept. I think. Hmmm. Or is she trying to seduce me through topics like this? I’m like a lab rat at a feeder bar when it comes to discussions of this nature…

  4. Fatal

    I actually quite like your take on the frompt here, my dear.

    My own thoughts on seduction are quite scattered… it’s for the established relationship and the casual friends and unrequited lust and perfect strangers. It’s a manipulation mechanism and it’s a sexual tool and it’s kind of thrilling to be seduced, even when you’re perfectly willing… it’s like that extra step that says: “I need you.”



    1. NormalDeviations

      Absolutely, Fatal!

      Although I’m kinda wondering if I’m too oblivious – where I wouldn’t recognize being seduced unless it’s so blatant that I can’t miss it.

      Another interesting thing… you say ‘manipulation mechanism’ and I agree, but I don’t see it as ‘manipulation’ in a negative sense, in this context. Thrilling is right, sigh. I need to be seduced! 😉

      1. Fatal

        Ah, and I did not see it as negative either, though I suppose it can be if used to the wrong ends–but blame the ends, not the bloody means.

        Looks like you need to find a seducer and have at it.


        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Looks like you need to find a seducer and have at it.

          I would like to state ~ for the record ~ that I wholeheartedly support this comment. 😉

      2. NormalDeviations

        Heh. Interesting thing to put forward, Fatal. Is it really possible to seek a seducer?

        I mean actively seek, rather than skipping innocently through the daises and… “oh, my, will someone come along and seduce me…” 😉

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