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As written by Serendipity McKink, in response to the Frompt:


noun si-ˈdək-shən

Definition of SEDUCTION

1: the act of seducing; especially : the enticement of a person to sexual intercourse

2: something that seduces : temptation

3: something that attracts or charms

YUMMMO…just the definition of the word (according to Merriam Webster)…doesn’t it kind of make you shiver?

I read somewhere that seduction is the cousin to anticipation. I’d say that instead of cousin…anticipation is the Mother of seduction, the action that gives seduction life.

Anticipation is seductive in itself, thinking about something that is going to happen……can be almost as tantalizing and enthralling as doing it.

The word…just the word…it just SOUNDS yummy good naughty!!!
I don’t think you can have seduction without anticipation first.

Anticipation trips the sensory breakers that seduce us and has us lusting for something.

We anticipate ourselves into seducing ourselves…follow that?

(Yeah –my thought process—-it’s kinda like a Japanese puzzle box.)

So many things can create the anticipation that will eventually seduce us into……what?

The smell of fresh baked bread or cookies…. the scent sends us into anticipating the flavor, the warmth exploding in our mouth and will seduce us into breaking a diet.

The anticipation of doing something that will give us an adrenalin rush can seduce us into doing things that may be…ummmm could be….not so bright.

A sexy smile can lead us to anticipate what the one who owns smile is like then lead us to at least seduce them into some banter for a minute or two with hopes, with anticipation, it might lead to more interaction that will bring on more seduction, both as the seducer and as the seduced.

We can be seduced by the most unusual “things”. Seduction isn’t just about being carnal (but that IS the best kind of seduction, eh?) needs.

Sounds can be seductive.

I hear the shower running,…..know one of my guys is in the shower, the anticipation…….it trips all kinds of sensory breakers for me, sends me into sensory overload. I anticipate water on their skin, the fresh clean scent after thy climb out…… that sight their naked wet body glistening wet, it will always entice me, seduce me into wanting to lick and bite them and this always seduces them into following me around like a puppy( even the one who isn’t “into pain play). They follow me around in anticipation I will move forward with the seduction.

I thrive on finding new ways to seduce my guys. Something that seems old hat….. can feel fresh and new if I just reshape the way I go abut the seduction. I enjoy getting lost in the day dream of thinking of new ways to seduce my guys…but then…. I get off on the chase and seduction is the key element of the chase.

Something that really appealed to me about adding the BDSM twist to my sexual relationship with my husband: It added new ways to seduce him.

Tease and denial may be the best part of the BDSM game because that is ~ALL~ about seduction.

One thing that never gets old…no matter how long the relationship has existed…….is finding new ways to seduce our partner. Seduction is an art that is perfected over time. The more you get to know your partner, the more you understand their inner workings the more the tenor becomes refined and smoothness of your own talents for seducing them become. There’s a point where the seduction becomes eloquently refined and quiet, that silent language between a couple who is comfortable with each other and knows how to convey a message without words and seduce each other without saying a thing. I’m a “people watcher” and I love spotting couples like this. It makes my heart race, makes me anticipate my next chance o do the same thing to one of my guys. Their seduction of each other, seduces me into wanting to seduce.

(Told ya…thought process like a Japanese puzzle box.)

And a final thought:

Some things to ponder:

How much does the art of seduction play into Safe. Sane and Consensual?  Should seduction be part of getting to an agreement of SSC?

Would you rather be the seducer or the seduced?

Can you be one without the other? takes two to tango and seduction unanswered is maybe….well…maybe what?

(First thing that popped into my head after the question came to mind is seduction unanswered is possibly stalking? Ummm——-yikes.)

25 thoughts on “Se·duc·tion

  1. NormalDeviations

    We anticipate ourselves into seducing ourselves…follow that?


    Exactly. Anticipation.

    That’s the thrill, the rush… almost to the point of the anticipation and the seduction meaning more than the end result. After that seduction, what comes next?

    Can you be one without the other?

    Since it requires reciprocation and response, aren’t the roles of the seduced and seducer ever-changing? Like music in a way… and it builds, and builds, and buildsandbuildsandandand…


  2. Mrs Fever Post author

    I love that you take into account the sensual aspects of seduction, Serendipity. And not just in a sexual way.

    Scent can be seductive… It entices us to want to taste.
    Taste can be seductive… It entices us to want to touch.
    Touch can be seductive…

    A sensual circle of seduction. 😉

    Also ~ for me, at least ~ seduction is mental…emotional…intellectual…

    And, most of all, it is natural.

    You asked, “Would you rather be the seducer or the seduced?…..Can you be one without the other?”

    Both, I think. It’s hard to be one without the other. Reciprocity is key, yes? And just like dancing… Yes, one can lead… And yes, one can follow… But which is which? (And which is Switch? *wiggling eyebrows*)

    Ultimately (as you stated), it takes two to tango. 😉

    (And sometimes… Both partners have two left feet. 😛 )

    1. The Suburban Domme

      I absolutely agree with the “you can be one or the other” but it is hard to be one without the other.

      There are times that even with my best “seduction game on” the guys won’t respond because life just has them in nasty knots.

      It doesn’t happen often…but it does happen.
      I hate it when that happens and it is so hard to not take it personally…but I have to keep in mind…same goes for me……even with their best seduction game on…some days life is just to gnarly to let go of it and play wrong with them.
      Unreciprocated seduction may be one of the biggest let downs that goes with being human.
      (And that two left feet thing…… I hate that!!)

      It’s funny you mentioned switch…… I typed this…… I was thinking I am more often the seducer then I am the seduced because I don’t like being topped!


      Made me wonder how often I might knock the wind out of my guys’ sails because I don’t let them “just be” the seducer more often…..or (???) may be….. they prefer it that way because they live to be topped.

      ( 😛 Japanese puzzle box thing AGAIN)

      1. Mrs Fever Post author

        Re: Serendipity Doesn’t Like To Be Topped. EVER! 😉

        Ahhh… But there is a difference between a Seducer and a seducer, yes? There are definitely subbie behaviors that “crank my tractor” (hope you liked that song ~ *grin*), and when he does something subbie that turns me on… He’s seducing me. Without Seducing me.

        Does that make sense?

        As for “unreciprocated seduction”….. Expending energy on a partner who isn’t reciprocating can be a tough situation to deal with. And if a typically-willing partner shuts down reciprocity….. Temporarily? Yeah, it could be a case of “life gets in the way”….. But if it’s an ongoing situation? It feels like rejection. Which is never a good thing.

        But *that* is another tangent entirely.

        (How totally unlike me… Going off on tangents… And stuff…) 😛

      2. The Suburban Domme

        Quoiting Lady Feve:
        Ahhh… But there is a difference between a Seducer and a seducer, yes? There are definitely subbie behaviors that “crank my tractor” (hope you liked that song ~ *grin*), and when he does something subbie that turns me on… He’s seducing me. Without Seducing me.
        Does that make sense?
        It make perfect sense….and let me see if I can tell you why and make sense as I do it.
        Established by now:
        None of my guys are going to win any awards for being subs….but they do have some traits that are “subbish” that let me know they are handing their power over to me…willingly.

        Reading how you worded the above…rethinking the dynamics of HOW my guys can be seductive…..they can seduce me, without topping me, with a small gesture that lets me know they want me to be in control…and not just when it comes to the sexual aspect….they can be subbish without being passive…….
        UUUmmmrrrr make sense? Are we on the same wave length here?

        AND I really like what Mr. Fever said about seduction:
        The simplest thing that tends to be overlooked in the matter of seduction is being helpful. Not in an unnatural way, but in a genuine way.
        It’s the little things that sometimes can be the most seductive….the things done without pretense or the expectation of something turning into carnal gratification…just something that happens out of the mutual emotion shared…..that can knock sox off! 😉

        (AND YES! The song…LOVE IT.
        I have that one on mu ipod play list for cardio!! But hell * bugged eyed and panting*

        Have you seen that boy that sings that song?
        Just looking at him and them blue eyes is a cardio work out!!
        Be still my heart and bar tender gimme one of those TO GO!!!!)

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          None of my guys are going to win any awards for being subs….but they do have some traits that are “subbish” that let me know they are handing their power over to me…willingly.



          …..they can be subbish without being passive…..

          Got it in one. 😉

          The seduction is in the exchange of power. And a true power exchange ~ to my way of thinking ~ is *never* passive.

          Likewise, seduction is an exchange…

          And ~ to my way of thinking ~ seduction is never passive.

  3. The Suburban Domme

    First I want to thank the Devine Lady Feve for asking me to be part of her “Group Frompt”!
    An orgy of sexy minds melding….…is what comes to mind when I think about what she has put in motion here…. “Group Fromting” sounds sooooooooo seductive! 😉

    I am off to a late start today due to the fact I overslept…..but I am here and will be back soon to reply to the replies!

    ( I LOVE~LOVE~ LOVE the graphic of the tattoo you used for my AV! Getting that ink is on my bucket list! 😛 )

    1. NormalDeviations

      +1 what’s said here – thanks, Feve. You’re awesome! Group mind-meld like this is what gets me going like… something that really gets me going.

      Love the responses, and the theme of this Frompt. 🙂

  4. williamsjoel22

    Ok, my definition of seduction…. To be TRICKED into something that I may not want to do ; To be tempted; To be enticed.
    This is not a good thing if I have to be TRICKED into doing something against my will 🙁 Seduction reminds me of the guy in the cartoons with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other whispering into His ear; “Awww, go ahead and do it. No one will ever know about it”. While the angel on the other side whispers, ” You know better than to do something like that, it will only cause You problems” So You see, I don’t like to be seduced or to seduce others. Just my opinion.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Interesting. So to you, the word ‘seduction’ has a negative connotation.

      What about these words…


      Do these words conjure negative imagery for you?

      How about these…

      He swept me off my feet.


      He turns me on.


      All of these words/concepts are synonymous with the term ‘seduce’.

      I wouldn’t ever want to coerce someone against their will; nor would I want to trick a person into doing something they don’t want to do.

      I *do* however, (very much!) enjoy being seduced… And being the Seducer. I revel in the fact that my husband still finds me alluring and attractive, even after a decade together. He captivates and fascinates me. I feel enchanted.

      You see?

      I get what you’re saying about associating the word ‘seduction’ with negative behaviors, and I respect your point of view. Thank you for sharing. Understand though, that when I invited my fellow bloggers to write about seduction this week, negativity was the farthest thing from my mind.

      So as for the intention of this Frompt… Seductive does NOT equal Destructive.

      Okay? 🙂

      1. williamsjoel22

        Hmm…The way I see it, Allure, Attract, Captivate, Charm, Enchant, Entice, Fascinate, Invite and Persuade are more synonymous with LOVE.
        I once knew a girl who liked me and wanted me to be her boyfriend. I didn’t care much for her, but when she showed up late one night with nothing on but a coat, well… The next morning You can say that I was SEDUCED 🙁 That’s why the word has negative connotations for me.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Ahhh… I see.

          Yes, thinking with the wrong head is guaranteed to lead to all kinds of trouble. 🙁

          As for seductive verbiage being synonymous with love… Let’s just say…

          I consider that to be a Good Thing. 🙂

      1. Mrs Fever Post author

        Mr Fever has *this* to say:

        “The simplest thing that tends to be overlooked in the matter of seduction is being helpful. Not in an unnatural way, but in a genuine way. How hard is it to be helpful to someone? And if you direct that natural instinct toward a woman, it immediately opens the door for her to be interested. She’ll take notice of you. Even if she’s not interested in being physically involved with you, it’s an ‘in’ to opening communication. It’s much more powerful than people want to admit. Maybe it goes back to childhood… Carrying her books, opening her door…”

        And then he adds:

        “I nailed The Feve because I was so helpful when we first got together.” (Said with a wink and a grin.)


        “Never ever ever overdo it. Then it’s a creep factor. It’s just about being helpful, and genuinely being friendly.”

      2. The Suburban Domme

        You’re welcome! I walked away after posting the comment wondering if something had happened that made you feel this way—came back with the intent of asking and well…you answered before I asked…LOL.

        But I also walked away with the brief comment because what you said had me thinking a bit more about something that happened with Eargasm guy in the early, early stages of our relationship and also the “SSC” angle I’d touched on and wasn’t sure if I could condense what I had to say about your comment AND the SSC to get it to work as a reply…turns out…..nope…LOL….it’s turned into “war and peace” styled blog post…that I hope to have up tomorrow…so be prepared to be part of the inane musings over in the burbs. 😉

        *waves at Mr. Fever*
        *This* was interesting input, hope we get to read more form you in the future! 🙂

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I feel I should clarify that when my husband says he “nailed” me… He means he succeeded at something akin to “nailing” Jell-O to a wall. I never intended to get married, you see. And then I met him…

          And I proposed.

          So “nailing” does not mean sex.

          Though… We’re pretty good at nailing each other that way too…

          So let me rephrase: “Nailing” ~ as used by my spouse in the comment above ~ does not only mean sex. 😉

  5. Fatal

    The thought that stuck with me the most was the idea of antici—

    pation. What a wonderful and terrible thing, this anticipation. And I rather think it has something to do with -temptation- as well, another lovely feeling/act. Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, just for the fun of it: “opportunity knocks but temptation leans on the doorknob.” Perhaps not relevant, but fun mental images nonetheless.

    ALSO, as much as I love to be seduced or “swept off my feet” as I believe the Missus put it up there somewhere ^^^

    I love to Seduce, to pursue, perhaps even to conquer? Hah. Now I sound all evilly.

    But really, seduction is an art form, even if one does it unknowingly, sometimes Blindly!–What an ego boost, eh?

    But then, I just like to be wanted. =]


    1. The Suburban Domme

      Temptation is a strong motivator and can seduce us into a downfall!
      That “terrible” part of anticipation.

      I like that “but temptation leans on the door knob!” thought!
      It does!!!

      The night I met my Eargasm guy…the temptation was……..just WHEW….it was thick enough to feel………and I have often wondered….
      ~IF~ I hadn’t had the kinky husband I have and had his consent to do what I did…I wonder……would I have been tempted…seduced into doing what I did…even without my husband’s consent?

      I’d like to think I would have been “noble and upright enough” to resist the guy…but me thinks…..the temptation was to great…as in …DAMN he looked, smelled and felt toooooooooo great….. to turn down!

      (And I am going to spend the day with the mental image of Mrs. & Mr .Fever wrestling in a vat of Jello….. 😉 😛 😉 )

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  7. wildoats1962

    Some thoughts on this, rarely is a person totally one way or the other, and and that personality type will come into play throughout various life activities. The Army taught me a little about myself or at least highlighted it like taking a rubbing of a tombstone. I can be a leader, a follower, or a loner depending on mood. I grew up in a very rural area, houses far apart. I spent a lot of time alone and it didn’t bother me. If you’re a loner in the military you’re in trouble. For the most part I’m content to be a follower, the exception is emergencies especially emergencies during a lack of leadership. I am not by any stretch of the imagination an Alpha male. And that carries over to sex and romance as well. I really don’t pursue without quite a bit of encouragement.

    I’m going to pick and choose some points here. Antici—-pation reminds me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Whether you’re waiting for ketchup or some other sauce the wait can be agonizingly delightful. I think Tantra deals with holding off the explosion in order to make it more intense. I’ll bet the word tantrum has similar origins. Certainly acceptance is an ego boost, for both the pursuer and the pursued. IMO it is easier to be pursued. You aren’t putting your ego on the line with the initial contact. But if you get no initial contacts from anyone, that will be an ego buster too. So there is a potential negative to both. The desire to be a top might tend to make someone more assertive to get that first contact. A desire to be a bottom might be a reason to wait and see who’s interested. And it is best if the top and bottom can get together. The idea of being tempted to go beyond set boundaries is a downside of temptation, and yeah seduction fits in there and could be construed negatively. Actually the thing I think of in those terms is Dante’s Inferno. The term is translated as seducers most commonly, but that doesn’t jive with the more modern usages. A more accurate translation would be rapists, at least that was what my humanities prof said. I don’t equate seduction and rape in todays lingo. Tricking someone into doing something they don’t want to do is crossing a line. Trying to convince them to change their mind would still be on the more ethical side of the line. A sick thought just traipsed across my mind. A Family Guy moment, Meg and Chris go to a Halloween costume party and don’t recognize one another when they go into the closet to make out. At the end of the episode they compliment each other about their time in the closet. I’ll probably end up dreaming about Mila Kunis now.

    Nails and nailing, riveting might get your attention, but screws hold better. From the Wild book of home maintenance. If you like pony play you might need carriage bolts.

    During a similar conversation, sexual orientation was also brought up. Again most people aren’t absolute in their preferences. Most guys like porn, they don’t like porn that shows a limp dick. They might not want to do anything with a guy, but there is still hope for that “Dick Pic” out there.



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