Dripping Thighs, Sticky Fingers, Succulent Breasts

This is definitely the best 50 Shades installment yet.  I’m all a-flutter for Fowler.  And I don’t even eat meat…

Though recently there has been one cock in particular (and one man in particular, to whom said cock is attached) that makes me wanna…erm…cluck.  😉

Happy Wanton Wednesday!



0 thoughts on “Dripping Thighs, Sticky Fingers, Succulent Breasts

  1. williamsjoel22

    LOL!!! Oh You are FUNNY tonight, Mrs. Fever! I read the title of tonights post and thought to myself, this is going to be GOOD :)Surprise! Well, I’m sure Colonel Sanders would’ve appreciated it 😛

  2. wildoats1962

    Looks like some extreme bondage there, probably to be followed by dismemberment. I like dark meat and I’m not impressed by big breasts. Only true in the fowlest of ways, such as giving thanks for stuffing Tom.

  3. writingthebody

    Trussed up….it is funny isn’t it. We want to be tied up….so my mind tends to short circuit it. Dommes tend to restrain me at times – there are those complicated sling things with pulleys and whatnot as well. I admit it worked when one sort of hung me from one of those so she could punch my stomach….when I am with her, I am the human punching bag,….

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      The photos in this book are awesome. Like, fall-on-the-floor-laughing kind of awesome.

      You can’t see it very well, but the front cover has a bare hawt guy’s chest, and you can see his hands and forearms (my favorite body parts on a man) holding the ropes taut on the chicken. I nearly bought it, but I came (heh) to my senses before I hit the register. (I’m a a vegetarian, after all.)

      As for the slings and pulleys…

      Errr… What?


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