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Your low honeyed gravel voice, pitched in sunset tones against my ear, is echoed in the slow sticky molasses drip between my thighs.  Speak, love…  Talk to me.  Tell me what you think, how you feel…  School me in your desires and teach me your fears…  Speak of what has been and what will be.  Just speak, love.  Your whisper is a spark, your growl is a flame, and I am awash in the heat of you.  Please, love…  Speak.  Talk to me.  Say anything.  Anything.  Speak of Jedi Knights and Harrison Ford (yes, yes, I *know* Han Solo shot first…yeesh!) and a limping broken C3PO if you wish; the subject matters not.  It is your voice…  Only your voice…  Aural sex does not even begin to describe it.  Speak, love.  Talk to me.  Your voice is the sun, burning me from the inside out.  It is the softest breeze cooling the singe, raising goosebumps along my limbs.  It is a cleansing rain after a drought…  Wet.  I am WET.  Quivering.  Weeping.  Dripping for you.  For YOU.  Wrap yourself up in my limbs, love.  Take root in the earthy depths of my core and grow.  My breasts are your apples, the world is our orchard.  Push inside and feel me bloom.  And always, always…  Please, love…  Please, please…  Speak.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This paragraph of erotica comes to you courtesy of Nate’s prompt, which required:

  1. An apple orchard
  2. A robot with a limp
  3. Sunset
  4. At least one famous person (alive or dead)

(Um, the prompted words are in blue.  In case you were wondering.)

I *do* so love me a creative challenge.  😉

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      1. NormalDeviations

        Pretty much anything. I have to put that asterisk there or you’ll try to figure out cringe-worthy stuff for me. 😛

        Like… chocolate Easter bunny ears. ::cries::

        Recycling and composting? Now I want to hear how sexy you would make that sound.

        Interesting recycling info from my neck of the woods – we have to *pay* to have recycling service, in addition to regular garbage pickup (which I don’t have – rural dumps are a win). I’ve wondered at the logic behind that – they make money off of recycling and they want to get the product, and it’s damn discouraging to have to PAY for that as a consumer. Why bother, rather than throw it in the regular garbage? Unless you’re willing to pay for the environmental impact, that is.

        But, I haul my trash and recycling to the dump transfer station. Cheaper and I can go on-demand. (And it’s only a few miles from home, and I can justify having the gas-guzzling monster as a second vehicle… I *need* it to haul shit to the dump!)

        Composting… that’s another benefit to living in the ass-end of this part of the world. I compost, except it took me a couple of years to realize that you should not put oak leaves in compost (high acidity).

        I don’t say it nearly as sexily as you do… would… 😉

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I never knew that about oak leaves…

          Acidity is such a fascinating concept. Natural solutions ~ a la composting ~ are as imperfect as nature itself though. It’s all one big exercise in PH balance, yes? (And doesn’t *that* sound like a Deodorant Conspiracy? 😉 )

          We pay for recycling service here as well. As in: The same company that does garbage pick-up, also picks up recycling. We are essentially paying for the convenience of having it picked up curbside, and the fee is nominal. It costs only a few dollars more per month to have both services than it does to have garbage-only.

          And since you brought up the fact that you have a truck…

          LOVE. This song. 😉

  1. williamsjoel22

    Truck, YEAH!
    Wanna get it jacked up, YEAH!
    Let’s crank it up YEAH!
    With a little bit of luck
    I can find me a girl with a truck – Tim McGraw
    Love Them truck songs! The Kip Moore song; Somethin’ about a truck has to be my all time favorite 🙂

  2. wildoats1962

    Well, you know me, seems like I get disgusting things on the mind. When I lived in a farmhouse, we did a lot of recycling, but it wasn’t called that. It was called keep your trips to the dump to a minimum. Organics got tossed over the fence {quite a downhill slope into woods/prairie}, paper, waxy paper type things got burned, glass bottles got reused if possible, there’s a deposit law in Iowa so beverage cans got returned, that leaves a relatively small number of cans and plastic. Leaves got burned in the ditch, which also keeps down the weeds. Black walnut husks can be put in a large container of water and boiled to make stain, it also will remove rust from farm/hunting/trapping stuff, the hulls from the nuts can be used in a tumbler to polish brass, and corn cobs can be burned in a wood burner for heat. I live in town now and don’t do any of that.

    The disgusting thought happened when you mentioned deodorant. Fur’s neighbor wanted to borrow some deodorant. I asked, “What’s he gonna do, scrape it off and return it at the end of the night?”

    I don’t think there’s a cure. I’ll probably be plagued with thoughts like that forever.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Multi-purpose nuts. 😉

      I use natural deodorant. It’s actually *really* bad for your lymphatic system to use mass amounts of aluminum on your skin, which is what prevents you from sweating. (Why would you want to prevent sweat?! It’s part of your body’s natural detox system!) So I use deodorant, but not anti-perspirant. Therefore, I sweat. I just don’t get too stinky. 😛

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