Double-Teamed. And Fuck The Rules.

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So I got this cool award:


Which means I’ve been double-teamed.  And awarded…in a…sensual…way…  😉

So I already said thank you to Nate by accepting his erotica challenge, and now it is time to say thank you to Seattlepolychick, and go on about the business of passing this bloggy award along to someone else.  😀


  1. Thank the blogger who awarded you with a link back to their blog. (See Da Links, above.)
  2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog.  (Yeah, yeah.  Ms. Hot Lips is up there, front and center.)
  3. Answer 7 sensual questions posted by the blogger who awarded you.  (I answered the 8th question for Nate; I will cherry pick SPC’s…  Heh.  Cherry.)
  4. Select seven sensual bloggers to give this to.  (Seven is a bit much, eh?)
  5. Create or borrow seven sensual questions for those seven sensual bloggers to answer.


I’m not so good with rules.  Unless I’m the one making them.  😉

So I will just do this my way, and try to go along with the spirit of the thing, okay?

Ms. SPC asked, “Do you like playing with temperature.. icecubes, candlewax, etc?”

Answer:  Last summer, on a scorching July night…  I melted an ice cube in 90 seconds.  Yes.  Ninety.  Seconds.  That’s what I said.  You do the math.  It would be accurate to say I give whole new meaning to the words Wet Spot.  😉

Seattlepolychick also asked, “Name a sexy sexy song.”  (Well, actually that’s not an ‘ask’, as it is not in question form.  But I’ll not dwell on grammatical particulars.  I have other things on my mind.)


And then she asked this:  “Name something you LOVE to do sensually, sexually to someone that really isn’t about you.. that’s about giving pleasure to THEM.”  Which is the question I’m going to modify a bit and ask YOU, my dear readers.  And which is also the question I am going to ask Wenchie (Deviant Wench) in passing along this award.

So, please, dear readers.  Tell me.  What is something (or several somethings) you like to do sensually (touch, taste, sight, sound, scent) with a lover, that is not about you…and not about them…but about sharing pleasure

Sharing.  Pleasure.






Mmmmmhmmm…  Yes, that’s what I said.  Again:  You do the math.  😉




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  1. NormalDeviations

    I’m really not sure how to separate the two. If I do something it’s for one or both of us (all) – maybe an example would help? Describing what I am going to do, well before I do it, in as vivid of detail as I possibly can. Get feedback – little hints of what seems to push buttons the best, or not, as the case may be.

    And… then do that. As accurately as I can from what was described, to the smallest detail. Not for the other person, or for me, but both of us.

    Is that sorta what you mean, Feve?

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      If by “not sure how to separate the two” you mean “not about YOU and not about THEM”, but rather, about both/all… Then yes. That is *exactly* what I mean.

      Describing what you are going to do… Giving the description verbally? (Love me some aural sex!) Sound. In writing? Tactile (touch) for you, while you’re writing; visual for her/them as well as for yourself (sight) while reading.

      The nonspecific “what” could include taste, sound, scent, etc.

      The question becomes: What?

      And it doesn’t have to be sexual, though sensual experiences can be (and often are) evocative of sexual response.


      The scent of fresh-baked sugar cookies permeating the air… Your lover’s warm nude skin against your own bare torso… Pebbled nipples gliding across naked flesh… A nibble of delectable warm sugary goodness… The sight of her there, in your arms… Her smoldering glance, drinking you in… A soft meeting of lips… Flickering tongues sharing a taste… A whimper, a moan, a contented sigh…

      (And if sugar cookies aren’t your thing, try this scenario with…I dunno…a cheese omelet or something.)

      It’s a simple moment, sweetly shared.

      Mutual sensual pleasure.

      Not about one or the other. Rather…

      For each, from the other.


      Shared pleasure.

      Scent, touch, sight, taste, sound.

      Does that make sense?

  2. wildoats1962

    Cheese Omelet, I was talking to my brother yesterday, and while discussing nudist colonies we agreed that cooks need to be at least partially clothed. And should avoid frying things that pop and splatter.

    After getting married my TV viewing habits changed. I remember the most intense violent scene I ever saw was on Lifetime of all places. I didn’t watch any of the rest of the movie, this scene happened to be on right before I left for work. This woman wanted to frame her ex, so she had her current BF beat her up. She didn’t think she looked bad enough so she took a pair of pliers and pulled out one of her teeth. Not a typical chick flick, my wife also liked porn. We had a bunch. I managed to sell most of the VHS before they became too obsolete. Sound was her biggest turn on, ironically it doesn’t do anything for me. But she even liked the Porn Star faked orgasms.

    She never really thought about why certain movies were more enjoyable to her. It was observation on my part to pick out the common denominators of the various movies. That used to a common problem. Prior to the “Sexual Revolution” of the 60’s a lot of women really didn’t know what they liked. In those dark days they weren’t encouraged to think about it. I’m glad those days are gone.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Well, those *days* are gone… But not necessarily those attitudes. And while a different middle ground has been reached in the years since the ’60s, there are definitely still extremes.

      And I am a HUGE fan of aural sex, but porn does zilch for me.

  3. deviant wench

    Feve! Thanks for the award, sweetie. 🙂 I have been AWOL for awhile but I fully intend to get caught up around here by the end of the weekend. Love ya!!