Squeaky Clean

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The water runs in rivulets, dripping from my skin…

Sparkling in beads like Diamonds and Pearls…

And with the shampoo bottle as my mic,
I mimic the vocal stylings of Prince while I sing in the shower.

Shower Shot

If I could, I would give you the world…

…But all I can do is just offer you my love.

(Um, if you don’t know the song…  Look it up.)

Happy Wanton Wednesday!

I hope it’s a wet one.  😉

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      1. wildoats1962

        Love stinks?! Depending on what liquids are involved showers might stink. I think with love and showers both it might be that they don’t age well, although that might be an acquired taste for some. I wonder just how graphic I could/should go? Stinky cheese probably got it’s start from stinky toes. Usually you hear about grapes getting stomped, or trampled if they’re angry {Grapes of wrath you know}. It might be urban legend or true trivia, but I’ve heard that when Napoleon would start the trek home he would send word ahead telling Josephine to to bathe until after he had been home long enough for a not so quickee. In my own case, if I work up a heavy sweat, about 15 minutes after I’m done *I* can’t stand the way I smell. I feel the need to shower. When I’m already turned on, the other person’s pheromones only add to the experience unless they are really REALLY bad. But they do not seem to age well even if cheese and wine do.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Feet-a cheese goes well with toe jam?

          Something like that. 😉

          My spouse informs me that I “exude” pheremones. I’m not really sure what that means…

          But he’s been known to…erm…inhale…my scent. And even if *I* am like, “OMG! Ack! I need a SHOWER!”, he’s all, “You. Smell. DELICIOUS.”

          Ohhhhh… Kaaay…


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