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Who are you?
What do you mean, Who am I?  I’m your wife!
You don’t sound like my wife.
Really?  What do I sound like?


I wish I didn’t have this RV in my arm.
I know.  But traveling is in your blood.


I’ve been here for about a day.
Almost a week, love.
Right.  Like 30 hours.


My sister has been divorced twice.
Yep.  She’s been with the same guy her whole life.


Oh, look.  My waitress is here to take my vitals.


I took a shower this morning!
Did a pretty waitress wash your naughty bits for you?
No.  She just dropped my drawers and made me do the hard stuff myself.
Service these days.


Wow, this room has a much better view!
Definitely more sunlight.
I mean, look at that!
Look at what?  The freeway?
One of man’s greatest accomplishments is an empty freeway.


I am a special Smotchy.
Yes, you are a speshul Smotchy.


This was a great date, hon.
Yeah.  Hospital stays are way underrated.
I know.  We should do this more often.
We will.  I’ll be back tomorrow.
Okay.  I’ll be front.


It’s been an interesting week…

0 thoughts on “Morphine

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      El Smotcho had surgery this week, which was a Good Thing. “Okay” is a relative term, yes? He’s recovering, slowly but surely. The nurses (waitresses, per above) are enamored of him, and as of yesterday he has a room with a ‘view’, so overall I’d say he’s doing all right. 🙂 Thank you for asking.

  1. wildoats1962

    Needing a hospital stay after sex means that you’re getting a little too carried away.

    Tell him I wish him a speedy recovery. They do have some good drugs in the hospital. Of course you never remember it so you have to believe what they tell you.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Better to be carried away than airlifted out, eh?

      Hopefully he’ll be home soon. I’ll pass along your good wishes, Wild. Thank you.

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