Well, I *do* love my country.

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A texted conversation with a friend whilst enjoying a nudist weekend:

Him:  How’s Zuul?
Me:  Nekkid!
Him:  At the colony?
Me:  Ha! It’s not a colony, silly. It’s a *resort*.
Him:  Nude Zuul. I like ‘colony’ better. It seems so patriotic.

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  1. williamsjoel22

    I like the term “nudist colony” best. It may be a resort but, everybody I know still calls it nudist colony. I was listening to Sean Hannity the other day and He was interviewing a nudist. Sean must of been corrected about 10 times … “Nudist Colony, No, RESORT OK… Nudist Colony…NO NO NO RESORT”! Besides, colony DOES sound more patriotic 😛

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      There *is* a difference. Full-time, 24/7, “Lifestyle” nudists form colonies. Resorts are just expensive places to chill out nekkid. 😉

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Well, I’m not an expert. There were a few “old-timers” at the resort though, and that’s my take on it after listening to their explanations about ‘nudist culture’. 😉

  2. wildoats1962

    Perhaps colony would be the appropriate term for the series “Naked and Afraid”. It certainly doesn’t look as relaxing as a spa.

    There is a difference between part-time nudists on vacation and people who live without clothes. People who never wear clothes don’t live in cold climates. They probably don’t eat a lot of deep fried food either. {I’ve been splattered with hot oil while cooking with no shirt}.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I had no idea what “Naked and Afraid” was so I looked it up on the Tube of You. Um, no thanks.

      I’m not opposed to cool climates; my body temp runs hot. But a Polar Bear I am not.


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