Size Matters

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They say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

I’ve never considered myself to be small.

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  1. Bill

    One day while I was taking the bus from Ft Benning into Columbus there was only one other passenger and he was sitting near the driver and talking to him while he drove. I overheard the driver make a remark about being short at 5’6″. As I got off I mentioned that I too am 5’6″, but that isn’t short. At least I never realized that until then. Sweating is one of THOSE topics {I really need to learn formatting for italics and bold and colors}. A friend of mine commented on how gross this one film was because the guy was really sweating up a storm {and it was dripping on her back}. Hm, been there done that, but do I want to tell him? Do I want to admit any of the things I’ve tried {enjoyed, etc}? Hmmmm……..

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      It’s not so much about height as it is about depth. 😉

      Sweat. “One of those things” indeed. Essentially, it’s just another bodily fluid. {Ah, the price of admittance.}