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This handy dandy helpful hint has been brought to you by the letter M.  For Monkey, and Money, and Mmmm…Kay…

Moving right along…  (Which also starts with M.  😉 )

‘Kayso, let’s say you click on a post title from your Reader, and as you start reading, you think to yourself:

Self…  This is a funny/sad/ridiculous/horrifying story, and I WANT TO KNOW MORE!

And Self replies, “Dude.  You only have 17 minutes before your frozen pizza starts burning in the oven downstairs, and the clock is ticking.”

But Self!  I think I could totally dig-on/fall-in-love-with/laugh-my-ass-off-at this author, but I’m just not sure if I should commit…

(Yes, I’m talking to you.  It’s totally obvious you have commitment issues, dude.)

Hmmm…  Whatcha gonna do?

My suggestion:

  1. Locate the black (or dark gray) bar at the top of that blog’s home page.
  2. Next to the WordPress icon (upper left corner) is the blog’s name.  Mouse over it.
  3. Click ‘Random Post’.

The system will automatically pull up…shock!…gasp!…a random post for you to read.  (Like, wow.)

Read.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Doing this a few times will give you a general idea of what the blog’s main themes/meta topics are without taking much of your precious pizza-eating time.  😀

Follow at will.  (Or, run away screaming.)

You’re welcome.



(And if that’s a veggie pizza I totally want a slice.)

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