Goodbye to Button

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I used to catch her, curled up for a snooze in my centerpiece bowl (Beli is bowling, I would say), as though she hadn’t a care in the world.


And perhaps she didn’t have a care.

Button's Bowl

But what she *did* have, was cancer.

And in that particular catfight…

Kitty lost.  🙁

Sometimes good pussy gets a bad rap.

Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

And sometimes, when the cards are stacked against you, the best thing to do…

…is go bowling.  😉

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      She is the second cat my husband and I have lost to cancer in our time together, and the second pet we’ve said good-bye to this year.

      I’m sorry for your own loss, Fatal. I know how hard that is. 🙁

      What you and I need, my friend, is a snuggle bowl. 🙂

  1. The Varied God

    Very sorry. I know how sad it is. On a brighter note, if you can make it to Missouri, I have five kittens who have just opened their eyes, all (but maybe one) in need of a loving home . . .

  2. travellinginternationally

    It is never easy to loose a pet to cancer and my heart felt sympathies to you. I lost my dog, just over a year ago, to cancer. He was a rescue dog and he quite enjoyed his life. He fought it for nearly two years and when he finally died he was fifteen years old at the time.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dog. We’ve lost two cats to cancer in the past seven years, and we just said goodbye to our dog in February. All were rescues.

      There is a quote that adorns a picture frame in my office, inside which is a photo of the first cat I rescued with my Mister. It reads:

      Pets are companions and healers of human beings. They are the spiritual connection between people and nature, and they give us a better life on earth.

      It is a truth I hold dear.

  3. wildoats1962

    There’s a certain amount of connection that’s going to happen when you spend time with any living creature. Some animals are a little more responsive than others though. Some people are more responsive too.


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