I need a linguistic assistant.

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Behind closed doors, where terminology is often changing, the terms themselves and what the heck is associated with them is sometimes confusing.  In the legal discipline, an example of it is that while terms just like paralegal, legal assistant, and legal secretary, are all used on a regular basis, it can leave many people wondering what these roles incorporate, as well as if or not there is any significant difference between them.  After you have most of the basic facts, you should not find it all to be so puzzling.

~ From the SPAM files

If it weren’t for the multiple katakana links (that have been deleted for your viewing pleasure) inviting me to attend Japanese Secretarial School, I’d think this comment was legit.  Le sigh.

Legal discipline, indeed…


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  1. Fatal

    I love this movie.

    I think it’s because I identify with Maggie’s character a lot, both before she meets Edward (I mean… she might have been based on me, seriously)… and a bit afterwards too. Though many find the next to final scene disturbing (uh, hello pissing in a wedding dress) I can sort of identify with the issues it brings up as far as BDSM goes.

    How far do you go, as an s-type, for your d-type? Where are the boundaries and limits? Is it ever “right” for a d-type to test the s-type in such a way? Where does BDSM end and abuse begin? etc.

    Per usual you make my (mental) juices churn.


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Juicy. Not just couture any more… 😉

      I have never watched this movie in its entirety, and the “When does it become abuse?” Question is one reason why. Edward wields financial power in his relationship with his secretary (um, HELLO…his employee!), and the consent factor is highly questionable. I try to find the humor in the scenes I’ve seen, and just like with the 50 Shades of Fuckery, I recognize that while the story has audience appeal due to its novelty, everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

      But perhaps that is the ‘D’ in me, or the over-analytical self-reflectiveness, as I am wont to find the flaws in the Dominant character’s actions and find myself unable to identify with the subs in said plots.

      I told Monkey that this scene makes me laugh. It does. The look on her face after he cracks her on the ass the first time…

      As the Mastercard commercial says: PRICELESS.

      1. Fatal

        Hmmm I see your point about the financial domination factor, although she doesn’t necessarily need to work. Rather, the job is to reingratiate herself into society after a stay in a mental hospital. But now I’m just nitpicking.

        I don’t think the movie is *quite* as bad as 50 Shades. I could ask how you feel about 9.5 weeks (another favorite)–that one also has some boundary pushing, eh?

        Wellll you know… we watch films and seek to identify and if that is missing or if the material is insulting we tend to stray away.

        Her look makes me chuckle as well. Even after so many watches.


        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Nitpick away! 😉

          Stepping back and trying to view these characters’ interactions through the lens of The General Public…

          Whether she ‘needs’ to work or not doesn’t matter so much. The fact of the matter is that she *does* work for him, and if any other woman found herself in this situation, her boss’s actions could rightfully be categorized as assault. And there is, as you say, a fine line between BDSM and abuse. How do Joe Schmoe and Jayne Doe view these scenes? Basically, when I view/read (or refuse to read) BDSM in the mainstream, I think in terms of whether the media is making a positive impression/impact. The answer to that question is, unfortunately, often “No.”

          I’m not criticizing it (like I said before, I’ve never watched the whole thing), nor am I trying to be negative about the questions it arouses (heh). It’s more a matter of… I don’t identify well with either character (perhaps I would find more in common with Edward if he was played by someone other than Spader; he will forever be the asshole rich boy in the movie Pretty In Pink in my mind), so my brain starts analyzing the visual messages on impersonal levels.

          It’s been a long time since I watched 9 1/2 Weeks (like, over 15 years) so I don’t remember much in the way of specifics, just that it was hard for me to watch, and that I found myself disappointed in both characters, though I don’t recall why.

          Eh. Cinema, schminema.

          I think I’m just apathetic about movies in general, really. Basically, if I want to watch a Hollywood spanking, I just pull out an old John Wayne movie. At least those ‘discipline’ scenes are *supposed* to be farcical. 😉

        2. Mrs Fever Post author

          Just another thought that’s pinging away in my brain about this while I can’t sleep: If the Fin-Dom factor is removed… She’s being paid, as time goes by, not so much to *work* for him as to *kink* for him. (Work may be getting done, but it seems a secondary focus.). Typically when one pays for sexual services, it’s considered _______________.

          So I wonder what your thoughts are on that topic…?

          1. Fatal

            I could nit pick again and say that BDSM isn’t a totally sexual practice, but I won’t be that picky.

            As far as getting paid to kink for him, in theory I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s like if you pay a professional Dom or Domme, right? Except he’s paying a woman to play at being his sub.

            On a personal level? I could never pay a stranger or be paid by a stranger to go to those kinds of depths. I need trust, I need some base commitment, I need to be cared for, etc.

            Every situation is different but I need more from BDSM then an experience I can pay for.


  2. wildoats1962

    Not really my cup of tea. I suppose part of it is that I tend to identify with subs, but there are always trust issues. A sub is by nature more vulnerable. Or is he {she}? A male sub might be physically larger and stronger than the domme. That doesn’t change the roles, but it could be construed as more consensual. It might seem like a bizarre analogy, but I have heard of horseback riding being kind of a domme like experience. The woman is riding the horse, it’s much bigger and stronger, but she controls him with the bit in his mouth, {okay maybe a riding crop and spurs too}. There is also a fetish called “Pony-play”. It looks ridiculous but some probably see me as ridiculous or weird. No I haven’t tried it. There is just no way to try everything.

    Just rambling
    I never watched all of 9.5 weeks, but I seem to remember ice cubes

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Your pony play comments reminded me of this Chris Isaak video:

      Someone commented about this video once, “This porn has great music!” 😉

      I grok what you’re saying about M/f versus F/m. Especially because the lines between S&M and abuse are…blurred…to say the least. And having experienced the latter, I’m not overly fond of the former. There is much more to D/s than pain. Unfortunately, the ‘much more’ is not always presented clearly.

      I *do* like riding horses. The last time I did so was on a beach in Mexico. In general, I think of horses as majestic animals, but that time… My mount was more bovine than equine, and lazy to boot. So I guess she was the right fit for me. 😛

      1. wildoats1962

        It does have good music. I’ll have to look for a pony-play vid. I have a Dr appt tomorrow and I’ve taken a sleeping pill. Kinda fading fast, but sex should be linear since there is always talk of lines. One very well known phenomenon is that the pain threshold goes WAY up with increased arrousal. Then after orgasm it’s PAIN. If a sex act is possible someone has a fetish for it. time for bed

  3. Bill

    Dr’s appt went well. I got my lab results today. I’m still alive and not a zombie yet. I didn’t talk to him about sleep deprivation. My sleep is probably depraved enough to get me referred to a shrink. My waking certainly is.


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