I don't think the pig lizard is Gorignak…

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You know someone *gets* you when you can throw random geeky movie quotes at them and they not only know exactly what you’re talking about, they are also able to respond in kind.

As Dr. Frankenstein’s monster said…

“Friend:  GOOD!”

And, another secretarial scene for your amusement:

Do you have any hobbies…?

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          1. Rincewind

            hahahaha…and my absolute favourite, not sure if I remember it right but… ‘the ship is breaking apart and all that. Just FYI.’ so am having a Galaxy Quest watching tonite after the pub, needs to be done, was meant to do it yesterday after your post but this is just so on now 🙂

          2. Mrs Fever Post author

            Haaa-ha-ha-ha! YES! Totally nonchalant.
            Galaxyquest-Fest tonight? Me too! Me too! 😀

            You can quote this movie at me any time. 😉 Thanks for the smiles.

  1. Bill

    I didn’t recognize Sigourney at first. I think any cult film or tv show has plenty of meaningful lines. That’s why they get the cult status. Also really liked Goonies, Bushwhacked, and Aah Zombies!. All of them had great moments. Rocky Horror Picture Show relies on audience participation. Without that it’s just strange. Naked Lunch is probably the strangest film I’ve ever scene. But I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed it.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I’ve still never seen Rocky Horror, but I think the lead transvestite was played by the same guy who was Beelzebub or The Dark Lord or the devil or whatever in the movie Legend. Tom Cruise sucks ass, but Mia Farrow is awesome. I would totally pet a unicorn if I could find one.


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