Whiskey – Tango – Fuck

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What.  The.  Foxtrot.

So I’ve been noticing, when I read other people’s posts, that suddenly there is a section at the bottom of the entry marked ‘Related’, under which are three links to other posts on the blog.

I didn’t think anything of it at first, figuring it was some sort of way WordPress had divined to alert the reader to linked content within the post.

But um…


I realized, just a moment ago, that the same thing is on my blog.  And that the suggested links may or may not have anything to do with…  Well, anything.

Frickin’ Frackin’ Muthah Sonuva…

I.  Don’t.  Like.  This.

And are you seeing ads?  I sincerely hope you are not seeing ads.  Are you seeing ads?  I don’t want you to see ads.  Ads es malo.

I.  Hate.  Ads.


I wish they would stop “fixing” what isn’t broken around here.  Like, the Reader.  Grrrrr!

:: deep breath in ::

:: deep breath out ::

‘Kayso, on to my point.  Listen up, people!

I was scrolling through the Gravatars on the left side of my home page (see them over there, where it says Feverish Folks?), and I was incredibly disappointed to find that I was unable to link to anyone’s blog because…

Drum roll please…

Y’all didn’t take my advice.

So here’s my advice (AGAIN):

Update.  Your.  Gravatars.


Now would be preferable.


Here’s how.


I am going to make popcorn now.

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  1. travellinginternationally

    Related posts have been around for at least a year. It is a great way to promote your content and other bloggers too. Second, if you are using the free version of wordpress, a part of your terms and conditions state that wordpress may show ads and you consent to it. However, if you upgrade to paid version of wordpress or use wordpress on your website then that version of wordpress does not show ads.

    Hope this help.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      There are exceptions to all areas of the TOS ~ especially where ads are concerned ~ when a blog has been flagged ‘Mature’, which mine has. As for the other: Unless they’ve recently updated what the admin can see compared to what the readership can see (which is possible, eh), related posts have *not* been on my blog for the past year.

      {Yes, I am one of those rare creatures who actually visits her own posts to see what they look like and how they read, AFTER they have been published. I also go directly to the published post of the blogs to which I subscribe. I don’t scroll down the home page. And this is new on all the blogs I follow. I suspect when WP did their most recent system updates, the option to hide the (un)related has become a manual admin option instead of a click-it choice.}

      All of my complaints have workarounds, and I know it. I’m just grumpy because every time I think I have something figured out… NOPE! It’s different now!

      Grrrrr… 😉

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Yes, that is one of the reasons the ads frustrate me so much. And I have no way of knowing *what* is being advertised on my blog. All I see is a little message at the bottom of each post that tells me my viewers may be seeing ads.

          Also, according to the TOS, any WP user who is logged in, does not have to see the ads. So how come I see them on other people’s blogs when I’m logged in?


  2. jayne

    I wish I could have liked the fuck out of this. I agree that they keep fixing what isn’t broken. I see the “RELATED” things – and I’ve noticed the Gravatar not connecting to websites…but that was I have accidentally deleted sites. I’m going to settings again to see if I can hide “RELATED”. thx, T

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Heh. I like that. I should make my own button. Move over, ‘Like’. Make room for ‘Like The Fuck Out Of This!’. 😀

      Let me know how the hiding goes, Jayne. I haven’t dived through my Dashboard yet.

      1. jayne

        I’m doing it now and basically – we don’t have “REAL” control over our sites – just the fluff. I’m not done though – I’ll let you know… J

      2. jayne

        Fever – You have no control over ads UNLESS you buy the upgrade ( Terms of Service is where you’ll find the parameters of a free site )

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Yeah, I’ve read the TOS. It’s just that WP used to pretend the ‘Mature’ set didn’t exist, which meant they didn’t try to monetize us.

          I get it. It just grates. Especially because ~ like travellinginternationally pointed out ~ readers don’t always get it that it’s not ME trying to get money for myself by allowing ads, but that it’s WP’s doing. Y’know?

          I’ve avoided paying for this space for a long time because I have huge issues combining sex and money. And sex is part and parcel to the lifeblood of this blog.

          Decision time.


          Thanks for following up, Jayne.

          1. jayne

            I get it – BUT – if you purchase the upgrade, “WordPress” does not have responsibility and cannot shut you down – (the silver lining) If someone wants to report a site, the Terms of Service ” says to email the host ( the name was in TOS page)

          2. Mrs Fever Post author

            Really? It was my understanding that some of the blogs that got shut down this summer were paid. Hunh. I’ll have to check into that further.


            This comment (paired with my thought-zooming abilities) reminds me of something I should probably set up a link for on my blog. Check this out. Mature bloggers especially need to know how to do this.

          3. jayne

            I’ve been checking settings out for a couple days – I downloaded that but it’s a link ITSELF to upload your blog TO ANOTHER WORDPRESS website. I tried to download it into dreamweaver but it didn’t just pop my posts up like I dreamed in fantasyland it would. There are directions in that download to use , from your second wordpress site. I did think I could do that and keep the site 100% private/hidden – That would work too and at no cost I could then just copy and paste – (NO LINKS between my hidden and my exposed blog or they’ll bet broken if my exposed blog is shut down) I’m trying another way as we speak for a quicker transfer of my posts other than copy and paste outside of wordpress.

          4. Mrs Fever Post author

            I’ve done it, repeatedly, just because I want to have an html record of my writing. WP (org, not com) powers a metric fuckton of self-hosted websites (which I only know because the Mister has one), and for the techie-types the stored file can be converted. I think. Also, if evil aliens take over the server, or if your mature blog is evicted from WP, there is nothing stopping you from setting up another WP blog and just re-importing all your content. Heck, then you might even show up on the Reader again. Gawd, it’s been ages since any of my stuff has been publicly accessible…

            Play around with it and see what you can come up with. If you have any questions… Well, normally I’d say “Ask Dave” (the author of the export-advice), but he’s not being overly responsive to the general populace right now. His email is normaldeviations@gmail.com, should you choose to venture that direction. Or you can send an email to me (mrs.fever@yahoo.com), and I will tap my techie loveys to see if I can come up with some answers for us. 🙂

          5. jayne

            wow – thank you.
            My best advice – while not paying for anything is to “FOLLOW” your own bad self so that posts can be sent to your email account and that is a setting somewhere. My brain is overloaded right now so I can’t remember but each new post of someone I follow can be sent to my email – SO I just followed my own self. If your Techie Loving Hunks of Digital Dominance know of some way I can export my past posts to my email, that would be great. I think I’m being delusional in asking for that because “copy and paste ” seem to be the only freesom to pull entire posts out of this free site. We should have the power to export our own posts. I have to stop – I’m getting a headache now. : ) I’m going to repost your post. Thanks Feve

          6. Mrs Fever Post author

            Techie Loving Hunks of Digital Dominance.

            Bwuaaaah-haaa-ha-ha-ha-ha! 😀

            Stay tuned, Jayne. I figured out how to kick the (un)related posts off the blog. I’m typing it up now and will post it shortly.

            Repost as you please.

            And um…

            Orgasms are fantastic cures for headaches. Just sayin’. 😉

          7. jayne

            HEY!!! I got around the Copy and Paste!!!
            Add the “email” widget in “Sharing” and then you can email the post to yourself!

          8. jayne

            My obsessiveness on this is in overdrive – I haven’t received the emails I sent from my post…..I’m thinking it will probably be a link and not the whole post itself…I’m logging out now. tomorrow is another day to do this. G’Night!

          9. Mrs Fever Post author

            Did you check your spam folder in your email client? Maybe you got the emails but they got spammed.

            Tomorrow is, indeed, another day. My how-to post will be up when you wake. I’m letting it simmer for a bit.

            Maybe the new day and fresh eyes will bring better insight.

            Goodnight my dear. Sweet dreams. 🙂

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Yes. As travellinginternationally pointed out, the TOS *does* include language regarding using your blog as an ad platform. However (and especially), with WP’s snooty attitude toward ‘Mature’ blogs, ads have NOT been showing on mature-flagged blogs (which I assume yours is, as is mine) until recently. Prft!


        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I read immature blogs. 😛

          Seriously though, I *do* subscribe to non-flagged blogs, some of which don’t have enough followers (yet) to be worth WP’s time, and others that pay for their webhook ID and/or have the ‘no-ad’ package. So it’s hard to gauge for other categories of blogs/bloggers. However, it is DEFINITELY new for the ‘Mature’ set. (Not that I’m really all that mature…)

          1. Mrs Fever Post author

            Ah, yes. I am insightful. And occasionally inciteful. 😀

            Commiseration makes Feve a happy girl. 😉

            I still need to make popcorn though…

  3. Ankoku1331

    What you don’t enjoy all of the forced changes without warnings to your blog? I’m just glad that they showed up after the class was over. Can’t imagine trying to retype everything to explain all of the new changes, like why the Reader really does suck now and so on. 🙂 Who knows soon enough they will write the posts for us.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author


      Fuck, I hope not. I can see it now. Erotica, WP style:

      The tertiary protrusion extending from the center of the male’s groin moved toward the apex of the female’s thighs…

      Head – Desk – THUNK!

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          See, ‘minimalist’ makes me think of ‘minimum’ which makes me think of ‘mini’. So when paired with ‘erotica’ ~ which rhymes with cocka ~ the image that comes to my mind is…

          Not exactly something I’d salivate over. 😉

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Click here and follow the instructions. That way when anyone mouses over your Gravatar (I just tried yours and you’re not set up yet), they can get to your blog instead of just reading your little tagline or seeing nothing at all. 🙂

          1. Ms Mahler

            Thanks for sharing this, and letting phoenix reblog–I’d seen the changes, but had no idea about gravatars.

            *sigh* I think I’ll be migrating off of WP soon. Had an alternate site, but haven’t been pleased with it. Time for plan C

          2. Mrs Fever Post author

            It’s not so bad, eh. I checked out a lot of blog platforms before I migrated to WP and I think it comes down to the having to choose the lesser of 472 evils.

            What I would like to see is for WP to stop treating the ‘Mature’ bloggers like redheaded alien stepchildren and just let us have our own category.


            Establish age verification processes (Blogger does this) for entry/approval to each individual site.


            When I am in charge of the world, it will be run differently. 😉

            Welcome, Ms Mahler.

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