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WTF Update:

To get rid of the suggested (un)related content links at the bottom of your post, do the following:

  1. From your Dashboard, mouse over ‘Settings’ (at the bottom of the left side bar) and click ‘Reading’.
  2. On the ‘Reading Settings’ menu page, scroll to the middle of the page where it says ‘Related Posts’.
  3. Uncheck the following boxes:
    • Link to related content after posts, AND
    • Show a “Related” header to more clearly separate the related section from posts
  4. FIN.


Also, this came up in the comments section of my last post:  Those of you who (like me) are blogging for free are basically doing so at the whim of WP, which means that tomorrow (or next week or next month or next Mother’s Day)…  POOF!  You might be gone.  Some of WP’s ‘Mature’ bloggers found that out the hard way over the summer.


With that in mind, I figured you may not be aware that you can save your blog content.  Basically, back your shit up.  Click here to learn more and follow the directions to prevent a possible predicament, people.

Heh.  Alliterative, am I.  (And yes, I speak Yoda.  😉 )


That’s all!

(For now.)

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  1. jayne

    Ya know Fever – yeah, yeah, still up to see if my emailed posts showed up – NOPE they didn’t. I immediately removed the “email icon after I sent them. That shouldn’t have stopped the email but I haven’t gotten anything. (whatever!!)
    I have to say that I folllowed your directiond for the “related” things and I don’t have the 2 boxes to check. I have always had my site “discourage search engines from indexing this site” which means I choose not to have my site crawled by robots, ping services, and spiders. That may be preventing anyone from determining what is “relative” so they’re stumped! ? no idea Please do that back up thing – it doesn’t work unless you download that file you talk about to a new wp site – but if its killed, are the links still connected? probably not. I hate to be the buzzkill here because it’s been killing me all night. Over and Out for really reals this time…until tomorrow.

      1. jayne

        I would guess that choosing NOT to be in search engines keeps you from being found easily but programming wise, it keeps “related data” from being collected and categorized to then match TO your site. Personally, I prefer readers to find me from their own searching so I don’t want to be easily found by search engines.

      2. jayne

        I’m uploading that export file into a new wordpress site and then I’ll keep it private – still no emails this morning and the only thing I figured is – “I don’t know what I did wrong!” Hence the export and uploading now. They said I will get an email when the upload is all done. I’ll post this solution when it’s completed. I keep talking WAY AHEAD of myself. Jayne

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Okay, so to make sure I understand you:

          1. You followed Dave’s instructions for exporting your files.
          2. You set up a new, private blog address.
          3. You imported your files to that address.

          The ’email’ button… Was that something you did via your Dashboard? Or was that a button, like the ‘Like’ button, that you added to your post view as something readers could see/do?

          1. jayne

            1. I tried the Export deal before you posted Daves site. The directions in WP tell you that this export is to be used for another WordPress site. I tried opening it in a Website creating program ( Dreamweaver) and it did nothing because It’s just programming code to pull your posts from WP and transfer them to another WP site.

            2. I “created another blog” under my Jayne dashboard, IMPORTED the .xml file created by the “EXPORT” , got the email that it successfully loaded and OF course – none of my posts are showing up.
            This is when I hate technology. ( Of course – there is NO chance of “Operator Error”LOL Actually, this is a very simple process and I don’t see where I could have made some error.)
            So – did the export, created new blog under existing blog dashboard, imported the file as instructed , received email from WP saying it was successful and NO POSTS are in it!!

          2. Mrs Fever Post author

            Okay, try this:

            From your mirrormirror Dashboard, mouse over Tools, then click ‘Import’. There are a list of options presented. Click ‘WordPress’. Then browse your computer to choose your .xml file and click ‘Upload and Import’. If there is additional weirdness from there, I’ll see what I can figure out.

            Interesting, though: You can import an exported file from Xanga or Blogger or any number of other blogpresses. I’m betting that you could, therefore, import your WP export file into a new blog host program of your choosing as well. It’s the RSS feed thing.

            Try it?

            Good luck!

          3. Mrs Fever Post author

            Hmmm. This is puzzling. I wonder if you have to pick the same theme? Or if there is some sort of ‘finishing’ step or something?

            Grrrrr… Now I’m gonna have to figure this one out or I will be obsessing over it all weekend.

            Work, schmirk.

          4. jayne

            Hi HO HI HO It’s Off the Grid I go – Feve! I did it!! My site came up today. 12 hours after I did the import. I have a boring post of this adventure on my site. I just finished writing it. Over and Out- Jayne

  2. jfbreak

    You always post some good tips for WP sites. I prefer Blogger but mirror my blog on WP and your tips help. I know it sounds lazy but WP just confuses the shit out of me because I can’t seem to click on obvious things to make it go where I want. Perhaps I need to sit down for a few minutes and really navigate around until I get it. But in the meantime, thanks for your tips.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad the tips are helpful. It takes a while to figure things out on WP, and it seems like every time I start feeling like I *get it*, they go and change something(s) and I have to learn my away around or through it. I figured I probably wasn’t alone in my confusion(s).

      I’m not sure what you mean when you say you ‘mirror your blog’ on WP. Whenever I’ve visited your site, it’s the one on Blogger. If you explain, maybe I can figure out how to do the same, vice versa.


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