An Ode To Joy

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Um, Everybody…?  Meet Wild.

This is Wild, Frompting.


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It won’t be Fur Elise. Beethoven  is done composing and probably done decomposing as well. My niece is named Joy as is the wife of a friend of mine. In the case  of my friend his wife died about a year and a half ago. The wife of another friend died Friday morning. That might seem like a bit of a downer to begin a post about JOY, and it is. However, death will happen to all of us eventually. How do you want to be remembered? That’s where the joy comes in. I used to hear the expression, “Don’t speak ill of the dead.” Seems reasonable, what is there to be gained by being negative?  Another expression that comes to mind is, “Someday I’m going to look back on this and laugh.” Sometimes it’s just a matter of perception coupled with enough time. A person shouldn’t take themselves so seriously that  can’t laugh at themselves every now and then. Next time a smile crosses your lips, remember that for most animals a smile is how you bare your teeth.  And be thankful for opposable thumbs, you don’t have to use your mouth to pick up stuff. Of course you might LIKE using your mouth to pick up stuff. You could then use your mouth to stuff things  in other places.  In addition to being thankful for opposable thumbs you might be thankful for stuffing too {in the sense of a noun or a verb}.  Does a Pollyanna feel grateful for stuffing? I had to check myself on the exact definition. Pollyanna is an overly optimistic person. So, Polly and Anna got stuffed by Tom on Thursday.  Breast, leg or thigh, white meat or dark, if it were chicken you could taste the cock. Be a deer and duck before you get goosed.  Is Stan’s bull in Asia or Your Rope? Let’s ask Mikey, he eats anything.  Re Joyce for the Lord has cum. {I’m probably going to Hell for that one.}


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    1. wildoats1962

      At one time I could use my feet with some degree of dexterity. A fairly large number of people can tie a cherry stem in a knot with their teeth and tongue. If you meet someone that can do it with their toes, – play footsy with them. 😉


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