Girl, Gallant

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He is a man with a lot of demons….. he’s lived a hard life—much of it due to bad choice and vices that have some damned dark demons attached.

~ Serendipity

Fighting Demons

Sometimes, I feel like a rabid animal in my own skin; when someone hurts him, I can taste blood on my tongue. I have the deepest urge to claw out the eyes of the unfeeling fools who wound him. I see red. My fists burn. My eyes sting.

~ Fatal


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        1. The Suburban Domme

          Slow motion spontaneous effect…….I needed some time to mull this….and I am still mulling it.

          Fatal’s words combined with the sentiment in the blog post sent me to a pensive place. I don’t regret what I have done, not for a second.

          *heavy sigh*

          I never expected to get so invested in a man other than my husband….words like these…..would send me to such a pensive place over anyone but my husband.

          (I have a huge bottle of Dramamine to share if the circles inside the circles make others as dizzy as I get at time)


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