Can you feel me?

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Can you?

The grip of my tight heat, bearing down, pressing all the way down on you…  Do you feel the throb and pulse of my desire for you?  The way my heartbeat pounds against my cervix, massaging the swollen tip of your cock?

Can you feel my unabashed insatiable  N E E D  when I tilt my hips forward, rocking gently onto you, taking you into me as far as you will go…  Then slowly…  Slowly…

Riding you…

I lose all thought, love.

I can no longer think.  Only feel.

I can feel you.

Every.  Inch.  Of.  You.

Every drip, every shudder, every twitch, gasp, and sigh rolls through me like thunder.

Can you feel my answering lightning in your veins?  Do the reverberations make you ache?

I ache.

For you.


Do you want to cum baby?  I can tell you’re close…

I am too.

Feel. Me.

Can you feel me?

Can you?

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    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you. Just as a photograph so rarely does justice to the real thing, I often fear the words pale by comparison to the experience…

      But I write the words anyway. With delight. 😉


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