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“The reason guys tend to like you so much is because you’re NORMAL.”


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  1. Sassy Sarah

    You normal? Whatever one thinks is normal, I would have to say you are the opposite of that normal. You question everything, point out things that make people think, not afraid to say what is on your mind, and live life on your terms not anyone elses. This is my observation of you. You are a refreshing spirit that flys high. So normal is not a word i would ever use to describe you. When I hear the word normal used, I think of sheppeoples. Those who do not think for themselves. That is not you at all.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thank you, Sarah!

      In all fairness, I *do* understand what my husband meant when he said that (he was referring to ‘normal’ as ‘stable’), but I was like… ME? Normal? Really? o_O


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