Sartorial Inelegance

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To:  Mrs. Fever
From:  The Committee on Professional Dressing
Re:  Wardrobe

It is our recommendation that you not wear leggings to work in the future.  Especially leggings that are a bit loose.  They have a tendency to slide down your… erm… rump. Yes, that’s it.  Rump.  They slide down your rump and inch their way down your legs to pool around your ankles when you sprint across campus.  It’s a bit… disconcerting.

While some of the male members of our audience… erm, that is to say… staff…  Ahem. While a few of the male staff (cough) members are decidedly attentive when you bare your… erm… assets this way, it is not exactly what we had in mind when said we wanted to have a focused team.


No leggings.

Also, in the event any of your other clothing should end up around your ankles while on the job in the future, we recommend you consider adding panties to your wardrobe.  Just… you know… in case.

It is one thing to run about bare-arsed.

It is quite another to do so while you’re working.

We understand you are a professional.  It’s just that this kind of… uhm… image… is not exactly indicative of the type of professional services you provide.  It’s… misleading.  To say the least.  And we understand that you weren’t trying to moon us when you bent over to pull your pants up.  But the view you provided?  Well…  We knew we would be exposed to a variety of new things while working together.  This, however, is not quite the type of exposure we were looking for when we hired you.

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  1. Sassy Sarah

    I have one two that do the same thing. The other night I was bring in stuff from the car, hands full and slowly I can feel them sliding down. Before you know it I am walking in the house with them around my ankles.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I know, right?!? I don’t like tight clothes, but leggings aren’t tight, they just hug the body. And slide down the body…

  2. Fatal


    I would full out belly laugh if I hadn’t been in the same exact situation before.
    And panties don’t always help >.>

    Let’s not talk about what happened at my high school graduation regarding panties and falling clothing. YEESH.

    That being said.

    I’d be a pervy perv and sneak a look at Feve rump. ;P


    1. Mrs Fever Post author


      I have a decided preference for not wearing clothing. Perhaps clothing has a preference for not wearing me?

      Now what’s this about falling… panties…?

      1. Fatal

        Oh, I’ll tell you Fevey, but you have to keep it a secret. 😛

        High School graduation day. I decide (what in the actual hell possessed me, I’ll never know) to wear these very silky, slippery panties underneath my dress and gown.

        Imagine my surprise when I start nearing the stage to walk and I feel them slipping down my hips. By the time I’ve climbed the stairs and start my walk, I have my thighs clenched tight as a vice and they still feel like they might slip as I duck walk in high heels. When I hit the other side and the staircase, they fell to my knees, and then to my ankles. As soon as I got behind the curtain, I stopped the procession to peel them off and shove them in my bra.

        Moral of the story… sometimes no panties are the best panties.

  3. kanienke

    As a fellow despiser-of-clothing, you could best describe my fashion philosphy as “wearing just enough to not get arrested in public.” And I do it begrudgingly. I still don’t understand why it is anyone’s business but my own, how much I wear or don’t wear at any given time.

    I enjoyed reading this, and I also enjoyed the mental images it gave me.

    Lovely Katie, on Wednesday nights, goes to her dancy-thing and she wears clothes based entirely on what is comfortable, with some allowance given for decency. Frequently she puts something on and I brighten up and grin lecherously at her and she says, “you think this is too much?”

    And I always answer, “Yes, I think you’re wearing too much.”

    “No I mean, is this too revealing?”

    And I say, “Honey, with that outfit, you are doing a service to humanity.”

    …And she goes back and puts on more layers. It’s a shame.

    So, here’s hoping you find the company that appreciates the real you. And let me know when you do, because I’d like to work there. 😛