Camouflaged Cat

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Rub mah belleh!

Wally Sprawly

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  1. The Suburban Domme

    LMAO…for a minute I thought you’d snapped a pic of Eargasm guy…he’s the S.O.P. of hairy Italian and is going gray on his belleh!

    That cat doesn’t by chance like to nibble ear lobes?

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Heh. 😉

      No, the cat is not an earlobe nibbler. He is, however, a lip sniffer. Lol.

      He will put his face up next to mine, and when I make a kissy face at him, he sniffs my lips. It sounds odd, I’m sure, but it’s actually very cute. And I suppose it’s the closest to kissing pussy I’m ever gonna get. 😛


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