According to Tony Randall

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A valet parking attendant was reminded by his boss to pronounce Deborah Kerr’s name properly when he announced over the public address system that her car had arrived.

“Car.  Remember that her name rhymes with car.  It’s not Kerr as in fur.”

The attendant said it over and over again to himself and when the time came he announced it perfectly.

“Deborah Kerr, your car is ready.”

He sighed with relief.  When the next car drove up in front of the theater, he made the following announcement:

“Alfred Hitchcar, your cock is ready.”

~ excerpt from the book, Which Reminds Me

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  1. Fatal

    LOL—this is obnoxious, but so true because I literally just laughed out loud. Hard. I don’t know why that tickled me so much, but it did. Thank you for sharing, darling!



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