I think everyone has peed in the shower at least once…

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…and other questionable commentary…

For Jayne, at Diary Incarnate, who invited me to share her Liebster.
Liebster, I assume, means ‘faux lobster’ in Canadian.
But I’m a vegetarian. Best not to risk it.
I threw together a salad instead.
So this is me, picking at the greens. 😉

There were 22 questions total.  My answers to the other half are here.

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(my answers in blue)

Do you collect anything and what is it?  Memories.  Kisses.  Experiences.  Cookie jars.

What trait do you have that irritates other people?  I’m direct.  People find that bothersome.

What type of a person are you at a friendly party?  Friendly Party = Party of Two.  And I would be a ‘naked’ type of person.  😉

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?  Love.

What sense would you give up if you had to?  I would gladly give up my fashion sense (there’s not much to give up anyway), but I would never ever give up my common sense.

What was your favorite toy when you were a little kid?  My favorite thing to play with when I was a kid was not a toy; it was my imagination.  

Do you have a weird memory from when you were a kid?  For instance:  I remember a neighbor that I was warned about – He shadow boxed on his garage door and he would put his head to the ground and listen for trains or so I was told. Basically what is something strange that you remember from when you were a young kid.  I had the same nightmare repeatedly as a child; I still remember it in vivid detail.  Is that weird?

Do you believe that open toed high heels are inappropriate attire for a female to wear to work?  That depends entirely upon the job she’s doing, doesn’t it?

Do you know or have you heard of any women that wake up and pee in the shower when they are  getting “dressed and ready” in the morning?  I think everyone has peed in the shower at least once in their lives.  

Can you tell me about one of the most beautiful vistas you have ever seen?  Here.

If you could instantly have another education and full range of knowledge about a subject mater that would put you in a career you can’t have right this moment, what would it be?  Hmmm…  In my profession, one’s knowledge is expected to be an inch deep and a mile wide; my natural curiosity combined with my collection of life experiences make it a good fit for me.  I’m not particularly enamored of the idea of learning for the sake of career advancement.  (Frankly, I’m not particularly enamored of the idea of a career.  Let alone advancement in one.)  I do, however, love learning for the sake of learning.  I find my enjoyment – and further my interests – through the process of learning though, so the idea of ‘instant education’ doesn’t appeal to me.  I’ve recently entertained the idea of going back to school (again), but for what…?  I don’t know.  Though seminary might be interesting.  🙂

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If I was accepting this award properly, I would share 11 random things about myself and come up with 11 new questions and nominate 11 other bloggers and 11 eleven ‘leventy.

But nobody ever accused me of being proper.  😉

Thanks for the shout-out, Jayne.

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  1. Jayne

    Mrs Fever, Your answers are always from some interesting place in that mind of yours. Thank you very much for taking the time. It was hard to make up 11 questions. I’ve never pee’d in the shower. It never occurred to me and only recently did a woman tell me that’s what she does. She said it like it was common. I’m old and have still never heard of it so I asked. It’s one of those bizarre traits – I get it – gotta save time and you’re washing anyway – logical. Still, I’ll save that one for later. : )
    I had a recurring nightmare too – giant ants the size of an 18 wheeler… we’re definitely not weird.
    The education thing – I could have easily said – what other “career” or endeavor of interest would you love to do at a high level. For example, I now wish that I had an extensive science background to get into Nasa or JPL Laboratories or a National Science Museum…
    The senses question – I should have been more specific and say “Which of your 5 senses would you give up.” I liked your answer better.
    I have to tell you that your answers remind me of how I respond or think. If you want a specific answer, you need to ask me a specific question. My kids get irritated – others do too. : ) I love your answers. Thanks again. XO, Jayne

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Specificity is overrated.

      You’ve never peed in the shower? Not even when you were young? Hmmm…

      I have a bladder the size of a lentil. I can’t typically sleep longer than five hours at a stretch without having to get up to pee. Thank goodness for indoor plumbing. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for women of previous generations, traipsing about in the middle of the night with a lit candle, trying to find the outhouse. *shudder*

      Ants? Again… *shudder*

      I have butterfly tendencies when it comes to work/job/career. Autonomy is mandatory for my sanity, and what I do for a living suits me well. However, I do have an odd mish-mosh of “skills” that I occasionally fantasize about monetizing. I’m an amazing thrifter, for example. If you need to accomplish a lot with very little, I’m your girl. How to turn that into a job…? No clue. But it’d be cool if I could.

  2. wildoats1962

    I didn’t know that about J.D. either. And yes I have peed in the shower. I found your answers interesting. I have thought a lot about retirement lately. A bunch of my coworkers have retired in the last year or plan to retire this year. Financial planning is a huge thing when you don’t plan on having a job. A large number of those coworkers really don’t have plans as to what they’re going to do. You still have to pass the time. I have told people that the difference between a job and a career is what would you do if you won the lottery. A job you quit. A career you keep going until you can’t. I have often thought I would like to teach on a one on one level. Working at a science museum sounds like fun. I used to be a reader and record books for the blind. It was mostly textbooks, but they did give me some novels as well. Connecting to people, and helping them, is rewarding.

    You like cookie jars. I like eating cookies. Sounds reasonable.

    I would miss my fashion sense. I fashion and refashion objects whenever I repurpose them. It requires a bit of three dimensional thinking. Wax is easy to mold and fashion. The Army taught me to work with wood. I didn’t use any wireless routers then, they all had powercords. The Chucks weren’t keyless either.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      We have yet another thing in common, Wild. Once upon a time, during my first stint in college, I was a volunteer reader for blind students. I was engaged to be married at the time, and the day before I left for semester break I received a message from one of the students I read for: “You can’t marry him. I’m in love with you.” Oddly, that sort of thing has happened to me more than once. In a lot of ways I’m hyper-observant, but when it comes to reading sexual signals from other people, I can be fairly oblivious. My husband says that’s part of my charm. Duchess Charming. Yes, that’s me.

      I can easily picture you working at a science museum. Early retirement seems to be an epidemic lately. Right now, my idea of ‘early retirement’ means ‘going to bed at 9:00pm.’ Sometimes I wonder if I’d become a hermit if I stopped working. I am perfectly happy ~ perhaps too happy ~ to keep myself company. And food can always be ordered in.

      I have a small collection of cookie jars. I tend to feel very silly purchasing them, but I have a weakness for fat little happy character jars that make me smile. I have a Metlox purple cow, several Shawnee pieces, and an American Bisque polka-dotted pig, amongst others. They’re fun to have around. 🙂

      You’re fun to have around too. 😉

      1. wildoats1962

        I never met any of the blind people I read for. I did receive a Governors Volunteer Award in 1988. I use the pic in my profile. To get the publisher’s permission I had to read all the boring stuff that nobody ever reads. The index is pointless in an audio format. Kind of like sitting down and reading a dictionary, spoiler most dictionaries end with Zymurgy.

        I don’t know if I would be more hermit or hobbit

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Zymurgy. Check.

          I recorded some of the things I read, but the program I volunteered for required that the students provide their own recorders (digital recorders didn’t exist at that time, though there were several varieties and sizes of cassette recorders); as I was technically a tutor-slash-reader, I often did the reading in person. Since students had to provide their own recording equipment, many of them chose to record while I was reading, and then they had the tutor-style Q&A recorded as well. I only did it for two semesters. Coordinating schedules was exhausting, and after the whole “I’m in love with you” thing, I moved on to other pursuits.

          Wild Hobbit. Sounds like one of Bugs Bunny’s southern cousins. 😛

          1. wildoats1962

            I did it after college and after getting out of the Army. I had a medical discharge and I took some time to heal up. All in all it was about two years, it gave me a little fluff for my resume as well. Since I had a BA in Physics with lots of math and experience with computers the size of rooms {now they’ll fit into a wrist watch and I doubt that anybody actually types code anymore.} I read science, math, and computer texts for them. I felt that accurately reading those counts as experience with the subject. I also did novels, but as a mind broadening experience I asked for a variety, something I wouldn’t probably read on my own. It taught me to respect the people that DON’T read that crap.

            A Jack rabbit would be a cousin to Bugs, I’m not from the South, I’m a Yank. Yank all the way. 😉

          2. Mrs Fever Post author

            Yank all the way?

            Careful who you say that to, Wild. It sounds like you’re giving instructions for a hand job. 😛