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{Consider this an aside.  If F/m-style D/s is not your cup of tea, move on.}

There is a resource website for people involved in / interested in Female-Led Relationships (FLR), called She-Held.  It’s essentially a link-roll Tom Allen set up for people who are new to the concept of FLR, and the types of relationships represented on the roll range from mild to wild.

And why, you are wondering, are you blathering on about FemDom blogrolls, Feve?

Because, dear readers…  This blog is on Tom’s list.



I obviously have no idea what kind of information you (yes, you!) are looking for if you’ve landed here after clicking around on She-Held, but these links might help you get the general gist of Moi:

For general explanations regarding my definition(s) and status(es), click here.
For the spankos:  You’ll likely enjoy this.  (It’s called humor, people.  Plus:  True story!)
For a humorealistic look at what ‘kink’ looks like in my household, click here. Or here.
And if you tend to wax poetic about “scenes”, perhaps you’d like this…?

Basically, FLR is not something I talk about much on this blog (I’m much more apt to make comments on other people’s blogs when it’s relevant), and it’s not something I do in any kind of porn-glorified way, but it’s definitely something I have experience with and am willing to answer questions about.  Especially if you are a female (cis-gendered or otherwise) and have found yourself in the position of having your partner ask you to be his (or her) Domme (I prefer Domme to Dom ~ it feels more feminine to me) and are feeling like…  WhatDaFUQ?!?!

I am no good at giving advice, but I’m definitely willing to share my own experiences.  (I tend to share quite a bit via comments/conversation on this blog.) Sometimes that’s helpful.


If you’re curious:  Consider this an open invitation to ask questions ~ either via comment or email ( ~ and if I cannot provide an answer, I will try to refer you to someone who can.

Okay?  🙂

Oh, AND (growly moment ~ guys, pay attention!):  If you ask me for wank fodder or come at me with Bull shit, your ass will be banned. If you’re not familiar with The Rules, read them before you proceed.


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  1. Tom Allen

    Hi Ms Fever. Thanks for the signal boost! I created She-Held as a resource for people who were new to the concept, and for that reason I’ve tried to limit the links just to sites and blogs that aren’t too extreme. It’s helpful for newbs to see how other newbs manage in real, daily life.

    Best regards!

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      All the sinful taste(s) ~ and delightful variety ~ of a box full of decadent chocolate confections… With none of the calories. 😉


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