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These questions came from Listening To You…, who believes
“Dogs that can fit in a purse are not real dogs.”

I am answering these questions (in blue) for no other reason than that.


1.  If money wasn’t an issue, where would you live?  I would ~ and do ~ live in the now, with the past, and for the future.  Money (or rather, the lack thereof) has nothing to do with it. 

2.  What is the #1 goal you haven’t yet achieved in life?  Life is an experience, not a checklist.  

3.  What topic will always get a strong (“soap box”) response out of you?  That depends entirely upon how invested I am in the person with whom I am conversing.

4.  What’s your favorite toy, sex or otherwise?  I am a huge fan of playgrounds.  Monkey bars, swingsets, jungle gyms…  If you take me to a park, I’ll happily climb around on (and often fall off of) that stuff whether I have a kidlet with me or not.  *GRIN*

5.  What is the #1 reason that YOU blog?  Because I can.  Heh.

6.  Who had the greatest impact on you as a child (good or bad)?  Miss Piggy.

7.  Overall, are you happy with where life has brought you to today?  Yes.  Though I don’t really believe life has brought me anywhere.  Mostly, life just throws things at me and I dodge and weave, trying not to get knocked on my ass.  😛

8.  Which other blogger would you most like to meet?  I’ve met several people via blogging with whom I have relationships, but I’ve only met one blogger in person (so far), which I assume is the intent of this question.  🙂  

As for who else I would most like to meet…  Well, “most” implies some form of hierarchy, and let’s just say I don’t like the idea of playing favorites.  I’m an equal opportunity meet ‘n greeter.  😉

9.  How important is anonymity to your blogging?  How important for whom?  The things I write (or choose not to write) here don’t only impact me, eh.

10. Vegetarian or Carnivore? Yes, I’m referring to food…  Short Answer:  Vegetarian.

Long Answer:  I don’t consume animal flesh of any variety, nor do I use products that contain and/or are derived from animal flesh or that are tested on animals.  I do eat some dairy products and use eggs (primarily for baking) that come from free-range vegetarian-fed hens on humane-certified farms.  I’m sort of a hippie when it comes to my food.  😉  In contrast, I am involved with extremely carnivorous men.  Hmmm…

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