The Vagina Dialogues, Part I

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I have fascinating conversations with my friends.

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“Cunt” or “Pussy”?

The thing is, I like the word “pussy” because it means the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. There isn’t necessarily a single dictionary word you can use to say, “baby you have the most perfectly appealing clitoris, labia, vagina, and pubic hair that I’ve ever seen.”

I use both words. But I have a filthy mouth. 😛

[The fact that you have a filthy mouth] says to me you have a kind of honesty, a tell-it-like-it-is sort of way about you.

Yes, I’m definitely a tell-it-like-it-is kind of girl.

I like that about you.

As compliments go, I’ll take it, and gladly.

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  1. John Brownstone

    I use both but it depends on the circumstance. In general conversation I refer to it as pussy, when things get down and dirty, rough and tumble it is cunt.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author


      But it’s a sticky (heh) subject. As I told my friend during this conversation:

      I am pretty picky about who I allow to use certain vocabulary when it comes to describing my anatomy though. Like, some random blog reader would never be allowed to talk to me about my cunt. But someone I’m intimate with? Call it anything you want, especially when you want pleasure, because it turns me on.

      1. John Brownstone

        Exactly, the only time I use the “C” word is between Kayla and I when we are deep in a scene and I know it will excite her. Other then that it is not acceptable.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I think it’s an ownership thing. Ownership of the vocabulary, as well as ownership of the anatomy. There is only one person I use “cunt” with. He’s the only one who has ever really ‘got’ how to use the “c” word with me (when he says “MY cunt” ~ hoo boy…), and with whom I use it regularly. It’s… BASE. Which is, of course, what makes it so appealing. But only in *that* situation. Otherwise, the word either pisses me off or makes me laugh.

  2. Fatal

    Because I write about it so much I use several words interchangeably (cunt, pussy, cunny, sex–though never vagina, it’s too clean and clinical), but Sir is the only person I like to call it my cunt. And by “my” I mean his. And the way he says “that’s my cunt” makes me swoon and other things. 🙂

    I also like the way he says pussy because of his accent. But that’s neither here nor there.

    I use the word cunt quite a bit. In normal conversation even. And it is often my go-to insult for either gender (when I am joking with friends who understand and share my sense of humour). I don’t really find the word offensive, but I understand it retains a shock value. Same with twat, pronounced (I’m told) in the British manner with an ‘a’ sound like in ‘at.’

    There are so many words, slang and otherwise, that people use to describe it, I often wonder why so few of them push the hot buttons for so many. The few I mentioned above have the ability to arouse me when uttered correctly, however if he ever said I want to eat your clam/hoo-haa/box/muff/minge I would definitely cringe and probably laugh at him too.


    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      As stated in the above conversation, I have a filthy mouth. “Cunt” rolls off my lips fairly easily, but when it comes (heh) to which word my partners use? Ha! Not so much. And I think “cunt” is sort of taboo (shock value, I suppose), especially generationally. (Older men? Yes, please!) So when a man is not comfortable with the word, it sounds ridiculous coming out of his mouth.

      One of my friends is Canadian. (Eh.) And she uses “cunt” as an insult. Which is funny because she’s prudishly tight-lipped about discussing sexual anatomy in any other situation.

      I like the web of words you weave in you writing. Though I don’t recall ever reading about your ‘minge’. o_O

      My own ‘hoo-haa’ (good God, what a ridiculous pseudonym) has had a variety of nicknames bestowed upon her by lovers over the years. Smotch is particularly fond of my ‘muffin’. Cunt: It’s what’s for breakfast. 😉

      And as for your “here nor there” (which could also be a euphemism for ‘vagina’ I suppose), I’m a sucker for an accent. 🙂

      1. Fatal

        Bahaha. I have never referred to it as a ‘minge,’ which, albeit cringe worthy, is certainly not the *worst* I’ve ever heard. I do know a delightful drag queen who goes by the stage name Ginger Minge though.

        Muffin is surprisingly cute and a little sexy. I think, once again, it just depends on the situation and the person you’re with. Except for ‘hoo-haa’ or minge… ‘cos no. Just no.

        And, darling, I am soooo with you about accents.


  3. The Varied God

    I agree with what most people above have said. I have a ‘correspondent’ with whom I trade long and rambling ‘scenarios.’ I almost always use pussy, except when I want a certain edge to what I’m writing, and suddenly the cunt comes out . . .

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Yes, I can see how “cunt” would have and ‘edge’ to it. When I’m edging, my cunt is the prominent thing on my mind. And I can *be* quite a cunt if I go too long without gettin’ any. 😛

  4. kanienke

    My wife dislikes anything but the clinical term “vagina” and she feels like her labia are a bit too sloppy so she won’t take compliments on them (they are stunning, rosy pink, and beautiful). But I do worship her pussy (with my tongue, too, on the RARE occasions she lets me these days), and find all the parts of it, wonderful.

    And I do want to call it a pussy but she objects. Perhaps I will say, “when you come up with a better word that means the whole gorgeous region, let me know and I will use it.”

    While she is at it, I would appreciate a word I could use conversationally in lieu of “scrotum.” There just isn’t a pretty word for that thing, is there?

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I’ll work on your scrotum thing.


      Well. I was going to make a correction, but you know what? Go ahead and take that any way you want to, luv. 😉

  5. diirrty

    My partner likes the word pussy, and my lover likes the word cunt. My partner prefers making love, and my lover prefers fucking.
    I prefer… All of the above.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Partner and lover, likewise and the same.
      But oh, wow. The ‘making love’ versus ‘fucking’ thing…

      I have a lover who can FUCK ME, have sex with me, do base and wanton things to/for/with/because-of me… And no matter what it is we are doing it can *still* be making love. It’s an intimacy thing.

      Generally speaking though, I’m not a “making love” kind of girl. I’m too rough and tumble for that kind of thing. But there are rules… and then there are exceptions. The exceptions may be rare, but they definitely exist.

  6. wildoats1962

    My wife has never liked the word screw. She associates it with being taken advantage of in a nonsexual way. It’s actually kind of tough to express that without using rape euphemisms. I don’t remember what movie it was, but USAToday ran a big article about it at the time. They had a young superhero girl, I think she was around 10, and they had her use the “C” word. They cleared it with her parents, they consulted with whoever makes decisions like that, because it was supposedly a first.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I’ve never thought about ‘screw’ like that, though it makes sense. Being screwed over in a non-sexual context is a negative thing.

      And I’ve heard 10-year-olds use much worse vocabulary than the “c” word, sigh. 🙁