The Vagina Dialogues, Part III

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I do so enjoy my dialogues with this man.  If I believed in BFFs, he would be mine.

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Less IS NOT More

I think there was a time where I probably had 20 orgasms a week and my system was kicked into overdrive as far as wetness goes.  And when I wasn’t with other people I was fantasizing about them, and just leaking everywhere.

The more orgasms I have, the messier/wetter they are.  When I’m down to one or two a week like now, I feel like I’m a dry well.

I think everyone’s biology varies greatly in that regard.  And I totally get the ‘more is more’ thing.  I’m the same way.

OMG if I get a couple orgasms in one day, I want sex ALL THE TIME.  It’s unbelievable how addictive my personality is.

YES!  Hahaha!  I.  Get.  That.

The more I have, the more I want.

On the flip side, the longer I go without…  The longer I can go without.

It’s sorta true for me.  My mind gets used to thinking about other stuff and when the opportunity arises I’m like, “Sex?  What is THAT?”

But then…  One proper application of lips to my penis and I remember everything.

. . . More or Less . . .

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